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Scleral Lenses
For Comfortable and Clear Vision

Have irregular corneas or severe dry eye?
Try scleral lenses in The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada, Las Vegas
They’re custom fit, providing more comfortable, clear, and improved vision.

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What are Scleral Lenses?

scleral lens diagram

Scleral contact lenses are an extra-large type of rigid gas permeable lenses. Unlike traditional contacts, scleral lenses vault over the entire cornea, leaving a gap between the lens and the corneal surface. They rest on the white part of your eye (your sclera).

Their unique design makes scleral lenses among the most comfortable contacts around, providing excellent vision for people of all ages.

They are particularly useful for managing eye conditions such as:

  • Keratoconus
  • Astigmatism
  • Dry Eyes
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)
  • Post-refractive surgery (i.e. LASIK, PRK)
  • Presbyopia

We welcome you to call Dr. Stephanie Woo to discuss your needs and assess whether scleral lenses are right for you.

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Advantages Of Wearing Scleral Lenses

With scleral lenses, you’ll experience consistently clear vision—even if you have an irregular cornea. Here are some of the benefits provided by scleral lenses:

  • Super-size diameter: This helps them stay centered and stable on your eye, and prevents them from popping out easily.
  • Made from high-quality materials: This means they'll last for the long haul.
  • Protects against allergies: The large size of the lens blocks debris, dust, and allergens.
  • Highly breathable: Gas permeable material ensures ample oxygen reaches the eye.
  • Lubricating Cushion: They have a pocket that fills with moisturizing tears, for a very comfortable wearing experience, and healthier eyes.

Ready to say goodbye to all those contact lenses that felt uncomfortable and didn’t give you sharp vision? Call Dr. Stephanie Woo in Las Vegas for more info.

Dr. Stephanie Woo O. D.

Dr. Stephanie Woo O. D.

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Scleral Contact Lenses for Keratoconus Treatment in Las Vegas

One of the most common conditions that scleral lenses help to address is keratoconus. This condition occurs when the normally round, clear part at the front of the eye, the cornea, begins to thin and bulge into a cone or football-like shape. This can severely harm your vision. Symptoms include:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Sudden worsening or clouding of vision
  • Increased light sensitivity

Scleral lenses help with this by providing a dome-like surface over the abnormal cornea, creating proper refraction for clear vision.

How Do I Get Scleral Lenses For Keratoconus?

Step 1: Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Have symptoms of keratoconus or astigmatism? Let your optometrist know during your annual comprehensive eye exam. They can check for these conditions and decide if scleral lenses are a good fit.

Step 2: Scleral Lens Fitting

If our Las Vegas eye care team finds that scleral lenses are a good fit for your needs, we’ll use specialized equipment to get thorough measurements of your eyes and create a custom-fit pair of contacts that offers you supreme comfort and crystal-clear vision.

Step 3: Enjoy Clear, Comfortable Vision

Having a custom-fit vision solution that addresses your personal comfort and needs can be a life-changing experience.

Contact our Las Vegas eye care team today.

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How Do I Insert and Take Out Scleral Lenses?

How to put in scleral contacts

  1. Before inserting your scleral lenses, use a mild soap to wash your hands. Dry your hands well with a lint-free towel to prevent small fibers from getting on your lenses and in your eyes.
  2. Place a mirror in front of you so you can see what you're doing, then remove the first lens from its case.
  3. Check the lens carefully for any debris or damage such as cracks or chips. Hold your scleral lens close to a light to check for any cloudy deposits.
  4. Fill the bowl of the lens with saline and use your fingers or a special inserter tool to slowly insert the lens. Your eye doctor can demonstrate how best to do this.
  5. You'll know the lens is properly in once you feel the saline touch your eyeball. Press gently and let go.
  6. Repeat this process with the second lens.

If you notice any irritation or changes in your vision while wearing scleral lenses, call our office to schedule an appointment. Our optometrist will perform an eye exam to check for any complications.

Scleral lens removal

You can remove your scleral contact lenses either with your finger or with a specialized tool, called a plunger.

Be sure to wash your hands well, with mild soap, before taking out your lenses. If you’re using a plunger, wet the tip of the plunger with saline and attach it to the lower third of the lens. The lens should attach to the plunger easily by pressing gently on your eye. Then pull up and out, and the lens should come out.

Using your fingers? Place a fingertip on each side of the lens and gently press on the sides to break the seal from your eye. This will dislodge the lens. The lens will then pop out. Be ready to catch it!

FAQ | Understanding Scleral Lenses

How do scleral lenses help with dry eye syndrome?

Scleral lenses are filled with a saline solution prior to inserting it, so your eyes are always hydrated and comfortable. This protects against dry eye symptoms such as pain, discomfort, eye redness, and itchiness while providing sharp, clear vision.

What makes scleral lenses so comfortable?

Scleral lenses are custom-fit for each person, offering superior comfort. Their large size and shape also ensure stability, so that they don’t fall out even during sports or other active lifestyle activities.

Are scleral lenses hard to adjust to?

For some people, scleral lenses can take up to two weeks to fully adjust to. Helpful tips to adjust faster include wearing them a little each day to get used to them, being generous in how much solution you use when inserting them and closely following the hygiene instructions laid out by your eye doctor.

It is our strong belief that good vision helps make a good life. Vision problems affect all aspects of your life.

Relieve your discomfort by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Stephanie Woo and we’ll help you find the best solution for your condition and lifestyle.

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