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Scleral Lens Blog

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Can You Wear Contacts With Corneal Dystrophy?

If you have corneal dystrophy, it will become increasingly difficult to wear standard contact lenses. Scleral lenses are an excellent choice for patients with many types of corneal irregularities, including most types of corneal dystrophy. Read on to learn how The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada can help.

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Scleral Lenses for Radial Keratotomy (RK)

There are many patients who had radial keratotomy (RK) surgery in the 1990's. This was a procedure that was used to correct refractive error, but safer methods such as LASIK now take its place. RK involved the surgeon using a small knife (scalpel) and cutting the outer edge of the...
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Prosthetic Scleral Lens

A beautiful patient came to see us today for a consult for a prosthetic scleral lens. She had a brain tumor at a young age which compressed cranial nerve III which affected her right eye. As a result, her eye turns out and down. She also had a large, fixed...

Discomfort with a Scleral Lens

Discomfort with a Scleral Lens We saw one of our keratoconus patients for a follow up this week for her custom scleral lens on her left eye. She states that the vision is excellent, but the lens is slightly uncomfortable inferiorly. She can see 20/25 in her Latitude Custom Scleral...
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Scleral Lens for Keratoconus

Thank you to whoever referred this special keratoconus patient to our office! We had the pleasure of seeing a 24 year old hispanic male today for a specialty lens consultation. He called the office and could not remember his referring doctor or clinic and he did not know what eye...
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Why Get Custom Contact Lenses?

Custom contact lenses are specially designed to fit irregularly-shaped corneas. If you find wearing regular contact lenses uncomfortable, ask your optometrist if custom contact lenses are right for you.