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Dr. Woo has done an amazing job building scleral lenses especially for me. I have severe dry eyes that were very painful. Now I am comfortable, I can see clearly, and I walk around without my goggles even in the wind! Thank you Dr. Woo!
2 weeks ago
- R. S.
I have been referring my patients to see Dr. Woo for specialty contact lenses & scleral contact lenses for the last 10+ years. As a fellow eye doctor, I feel my patients who have keratoconus with compromised vision are in the best hands with Dr. Stephanie Woo. She is residency trained and an educator for scleral contact lenses and I trust her professionalism and recommendations when it comes to all matters of scleral contact lenses (keratoconus, myopia management, corneal ectasia, severe dry eye, difficult corneal conditions that require contact lenses). Her staff is extremely thorough and professional and prompt at responding. I highly recommend Dr. Woo as she is top notch and practices at the highest level for specialty contact lenses.
1 month ago
- Tami L.
Best most professional lens center in Nevada. I am a surgeon and I wont trust my vision to anyone else!! BEST EVER Thank you
3 months ago
- Marcus V.
Getting a specialized contact has allowed me to use my left eye after a traumatic injury 20 years ago.
4 months ago
- Gretchen F.
Dr. Woo's approach is very personal. My daughter is very comfortable with her. Staff is also amazing!
8 months ago
- A. F.
Awesome staff. The best in eye care. So helpful and got my vision to the best it has been in 10 years. šŸ™šŸ’ŖšŸ»
1 year ago
- Tommy C.
I stopped in to Dr. Woo to get tested to see if I have Keratoconus. She diagnosed me and within an hour we had an order ready for my special lens. Iā€™m so excited to be able to finally see clearly. Her office is beautiful and the staff are friendly and consultative. Amazing experience.
2 years ago
- Michelle C.

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