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Total dedication to custom contact lenses in Las Vegas.

The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada is entirely dedicated to the needs of custom-fit contact lens patients.

Dr Stephanie Woo combines the most innovative contact lens technologies with the highest level of service to create an unparalleled patient experience. Our doctors have provided specialty contact lenses to thousands of patients to help them achieve vision unattainable with traditional contact lenses.

Our mission is to provide a solution for anyone who has struggled to achieve great vision as a result of an irregular shaped cornea.

Our optometrists specialize in keratoconus treatment, myopia management and ortho-k for adults.


The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada was created from a passion for specialty contact lenses and offers complete dedication to the needs of specialty contact lens patients. Without having to manage an optical department or even primary care, we can focus entirely on custom contact lenses.


The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada offers state of the art scleral contact lenses tailored to the individual needs of your patients. The most innovative technology will be used to assess and recommend a solution for your patient's ocular condition. If there is a specialty lens solution out there, we have it. We work on custom scleral lenses fitting for patients that had corneal transplant or refractive surgery.


The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada is the result of helping thousands of patients manage complex conditions. Our practitioners have dedicated their expertise to understanding the best treatment options available. Experience one-on-one attention with a doctor at every visit.


Located conveniently at the Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, our clinic is only 15 minutes away from McCarran International Airport for providing easy access to out of town and international patients.


We work with the leading manufacturing companies to develop emerging technology in the field of specialty contact lenses. Our doctors are considered key opinion leaders within optometry by major contact lens and pharma companies.

Advanced Eye Care Services
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Have irregular corneas or severe dry eye? Try scleral lenses! They’re custom-fit by your Las Vegas optometrist, providing more comfortable, clear and improved vision.

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Childhood myopia, also known as near or short-sighted, can cause very serious eye diseases later in life. Offer your child a brighter future with myopia management.

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Ortho-K lenses are a safer alternative to LASIK surgery. These lenses correct vision overnight, offering clear daytime vision without any need to wear glasses or contacts.

What's New? | Our Blog

Scleral Lens Insertion Tools

This is a question that we receive every single day from patients all over the world. Scleral lens insertion problems are the number one reason that patients drop out of scleral lenses.

Prosthetic Contact Lenses are Life Changing!

This patient suffered an injury to the left eye in 1987 which left her with a retinal detachment and a myriad of other ocular issues. The end result is a completely blind left eye, which looks very different from the right eye.

Keratoconus Patient Referred To Us For Contact Lens Consultation

We had a very nice 48 year old patient referred to us for a contact lens consultation by Dr. Wellish. Diagnosed with keratoconus in his 20's,  he noticed a huge decrease in the vision in both eyes over the last 2 years.

Can Scleral Lenses Help Patients with RK Scarring?

One of most successful scleral lens patients arrived to the office for her annual contact lens evaluation. She is an 80 year old female who had radial keratotomy (RK) surgery years ago. She did quite well for many years, but then her vision started to decline. She ended up having...