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This Patient has a History of a Corneal Transplant

This patient has a history of a corneal transplant, due to a viral infection in his eye years ago. Despite multiple surgeries, he still suffers from blurred and distorted vision.

He sees 20/150 through his transplant and up to 20/70 “double” with a pinhole.

We took some images of his eye and he has over 500um of scleral toricity! We used a 3 D scleral profilometer called the sMap, which was able to map his eye and create a 3 D image. You can see from the blue spots on the map, he would benefit from a custom scleral lens.

OS Central Medmont

OS PKP with sutures and irregular pupil 1

We tried a diagnostic lens on the left eye after the 3 D mapping. We used a Europa scleral lens/ 46 D base curve and -2.50 power.

Topo OS


With an over-refracton of -1.25-1.00×030, he was able to achieve 20/20 vision!

He was soooooo incredibly excited. He was looking at his hands in the exam room and he was thrilled by the quality of his vision.

We decided to order a Latitude custom scleral lens for him, due to the high amount of scleral toricity and the high amount of irregularity from the transplant. His pupil is also irregular, as you can see in the photo.

I ordered the lens with optimum infinite material to maximize the amount of oxygen that will help his eye breathe.

Stay tuned for his dispense!

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