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Keratoconus patient sees 20/20 far and near

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 49 year old black female was referred for a scleral lens fit and considering trying monovision for the first time. Her left eye has mild to moderate keratoconus and already had corneal crosslinking. Her right eye was only mildly suspicious for keratoconus.

We fit her into the Ampleye scleral lens in the left eye, and she was seeing great! We then fit her right eye with a soft contact lens, since that eye had fairly normal astigmatism.

She currently wore a scleral lens on the left eye and a soft contact lens on the right eye. Although she was already comfortable handling both types of lenses, we were so excited to have her try monovision which would allow her to have some vision at near and far as well.  Monovision means that we make one eye for distance and one for near. That way, you do not have to use glasses to see up close.

Due to the keratoconus in the left eye, we kept her on a scleral lens and continued her right eye in a soft contact lens. She was right eye dominant and felt more comfortable with her right eye seeing distance. Her left eye was her near eye and we determined that she was most comfortable with a +1.50 ADD.

We saw her two weeks after her lens dispense and she reported some difficulty with the vision in the first few days of monovision but adjusted soon after. She is doing extremely well with the monovision since we saw her: Her distance vision with both eyes was 20/20 and her near vision with both eyes was 20/20. There was some glare with night vision driving that she noticed and we prescribed her a pair of driving glasses to correct her left eye vision for distance when she needs it.

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