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Will I go blind from keratoconus?

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Keratoconus can be a scary condition, and many patients are worried that they are going to blind from this disease.

Keratoconus is a progressive condition, meaning that is does continue to advance or worsen over time.

The good news is there are new medical procedures such as corneal cross linking, and intrastromal rings that can help to slow down keratoconus progression.

We also have better contact lenses now, which can help prevent some of the dense scarring from keratoconus. The scar tissue is one of the main reasons patients require a corneal transplant. The goal is to slow down the progression of keratoconus and get fit into a proper contact lens to help your eye stay healthy.

It is very important to see your eye doctor on a schedule that they recommend for you. This is the best way to track your eye for progression and ensure your eye is staying healthy.

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