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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Prosthetic Contact Lens after Baseball Accident

Blind patient of 20 years sees '20/20' again! I was kindly referred a 67 year old white female patient from Mohave Eye Center for a prosthetic contact lens. This patient suffered a trauma in the left eye 20 years ago (hit with a baseball), which caused her to have very...
Dr Woo and Advanced Keratoconus

Take a glance at this case of advanced keratoconus and observe the eyes closely!

Dr Woo and FDA recalled eye drops

There have been 27 eye drops flagged by the FDA as potentially harmful to the eye!

There have been 27 eye drops that have been flagged by the FDA as potentially harmful to the eye! Investigators discovered unsanitary conditions in the products’ manufacturing facility.

Dr Woo and Demodex


Demodex are eye mites that build up on your eyelids and lashes. These mites can cause a variety of issues such as red, irritated, itchy, and inflamed eyes.

james bold PcZLgzmoIY unsplash hybrid contact lenses

Hybrid Contact Lenses and Their Applications

Hybrid contact lenses are a specialized type of contact lens that combines the optical qualities of rigid, hard lenses with the comfortable fit of soft lenses. These lenses serve a unique purpose in providing effective vision correction for individuals with challenging corneal conditions, such as keratoconus, or after a corneal...
woo 16nov5

Can you Wear Scleral Lenses if you have High Myopia?

We were kindly referred a patient with high myopia (about -9.00 in each eye) for a contact lens fitting to help improve her vision and stability. Per the patient, she had successfully worn corneal gas permeable lenses for 40 years, however, over the past few years, she has had more...
Warning graphic

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Purchase or Use Certain Eye Drops

Important Message: FDA warns consumers not to purchase or use certain eye drops [11/3/2023] Cardinal Health Inc. has initiated a voluntarily recall for all lots of six Leader brand ophthalmic products. The list FDA provided on October 27 included five products branded as Leader. The list has been updated to include the sixth product. Additionally,...
tim mossholder omlI9T5rKfw unsplash scleral contact lenses

Proper Wearing of Scleral Contact Lenses

If you wear scleral contact lenses, you may be familiar with the unique process of inserting these larger, rigid lenses compared to traditional soft contact lenses. While it may seem daunting at first, with practice and training, it can become an easy and repeatable process. In this blog, we will...
Few things to grow and lengthen your eyelashes

Few things to grow and lengthen your eyelashes!

Eye doctor rates popular trends

Eye Doctor Rates Popular Trends!

As an eye doctor, here are my thoughts on current eye care trends, presented succinctly without extensive explanation....
Three things I’d Never Do as an Eye Doctor!

Three Things I’d Never Do as an Eye Doctor!

As a residency-trained optometrist, I prioritize eye health above all else. Here are three practices I firmly avoid when it comes to caring for my eyes: 1. Permanent Eye Makeup:  I steer clear of permanent eye makeup procedures due to the potential risks involved. From botched surgeries to complications like...
Uncover the Truth Debunking Cataract Myths

Uncover the Truth: Debunking Cataract Myths!

Cataracts, though common, are often misunderstood. Let's debunk three prevalent myths surrounding them: 1. Myth: Cataracts can be corrected with glasses or contacts: The reality is that severe cases of cataracts usually require surgery. While glasses or contacts may help in the early stages, they become ineffective as the cataract...
How to assess a Scleral Topography

How to Assess Scleral Topography?

Now that we've captured the SMAP image of the eye, let's delve into the data it provides; Here, we can visualize areas of elevation and depression. The center, marked in red, corresponds to the cornea, the highest point of the eye. Beyond the central circle, the color gradient indicates varying...
ramin talebi u b0jWnkgM0 unsplash orthokeratology ortho k

Orthokeratology: Hard Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho K, is an innovative process that offers a unique approach to improving vision and controlling the progression of nearsightedness. By utilizing specialized hard contact lenses worn exclusively at night, Ortho K provides clear vision without the need for glasses during the day. This technique is...
dan dealmeida MJZz3uthfXA unsplash scleral contact lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses and the Importance of Solutions

If you wear scleral contact lenses, you are likely familiar with the unique care routine associated with these specialized lenses. Unlike traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses require two different types of solutions: one for cleaning and disinfecting the lens and another for filling the lens before insertion. Understanding the distinct...
lens 4818784 1280 contact lens astigmatism

Contact Lens Options for Astigmatism

For individuals with astigmatism, the ability to wear contact lenses was once limited. However, advancements in technology have expanded the options available for astigmatic patients. While there may still be a relatively limited number of choices for those with a high amount of astigmatism (considered greater than 3 diopters), advancements...
woo 14 sept 2

Custom 3D Scleral Map- What is scleral mapping?

Scleral mapping involves special instruments that have the ability to 3D scan the eye in real time. The process is simple and painless, patients simply look into the machine at a light source. Then, the camera takes a very precise image capture. We repeat this having the patient look in...
lensabl KJOAin3cego unsplash scleral contact lenses

Medical Uses of Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are a type of hard contact lens that extends beyond the cornea, covering the entire corneal surface and resting on the sclera, the white part of the eye. While scleral lenses are commonly used to address eye conditions like keratoconus, corneal transplants, and irregular corneas to provide...
tengyart riWIWSmi71U unsplash

4 Valuable Insights About EyePrint Technology

When it comes to fitting contact lenses for individuals with irregular corneas, finding the right solution can be a daunting task. Traditional options such as scleral contact lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses may not always provide a comfortable fit for those with particularly unique or irregular corneas. That's where...
This patient came in for a follow up complaining that his lens moves too much and leaks liquid thumbnail

Patient came in for a follow up complaining that his lens moves too much and leaks liquid.

Leveraging 3D Technology thumbnail

Leveraging 3D Technology

Catch a glimpse of our precise measurement process for crafting custom 3D SLR lenses. Watch this video above now!...
Monovision Scleral Lenses thumbnail

Monovision Scleral Lenses

Dont fall for this eye drop scam thumbnail

Don’t Fall for this Eye-drop Scam!

Beware of deceptive claims surrounding certain eye drops promising to alter eye color. Despite showcasing before-and-after images of individuals with brown eyes purportedly transforming to blue, these products are ineffective. It's essential to understand that the color of your eyes is determined by genetics and cannot be altered by using...
Prosthetic Eye thumbnail

Prosthetic Eye

EyePrint PRO helps patients with Autoimmune Disease thumbnail

EyePrint PRO helps patients with Autoimmune Disease

This patient has a very severe autoimmune issue and you can see how very swollen and irritated and red and uncomfortable her eyes were. We fitted her into something called an eye print which really calmed her eyes down. With the eye print not only does she have less inflammation,...
natallia photo gW7RY0R8f2M unsplash hard contact lenses

Exploring Your Options with Hard Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, soft lenses may be the go-to for most people. However, there are situations where hard contact lenses are the preferred choice. Hard lenses, also known as rigid contact lenses, provide unique benefits such as the ability to correct astigmatism, accommodate irregular corneas, and offer...
shubham dhage s8D7qI6 zug unsplash scleral contact lenses

Eye Conditions That Benefit from Scleral Contact Lenses

When traditional contact lenses are no longer suitable for certain eye conditions, scleral contact lenses can offer improved vision and comfort. These specialized hard contact lenses can be an excellent option for various conditions, including keratoconus, corneal transplants, and irregularities resulting from surgeries related to diseases like glaucoma. By undergoing...
Dr. Stephanie Woos recommended eyedrops

Dr. Stephanie Woo’s recommended eyedrops!

Dr. Woo, an optometrist with specialized training in contact lens residency, offers recommendations for eye drops suitable for contact lens wearers. Firstly, Dr. Woo suggests Refresh Optiv as a convenient option available in various retail outlets and online. She appreciates its preservative-free vials, making it suitable for many patients. Secondly,...
Excited to try these new products for dry eye patients

Excited to try these new products for dry eye patients!

Eye becomes straight again with custom scleral lens

Eye becomes straight again with custom scleral lens.

With our intervention, we not only corrected the alignment but also restored his vision to 20/25 by fitting him with a custom scleral lens.

Custom Hand Painted Scleral Lens

Custom Hand Painted Scleral Lens

We provided her with a custom hand-painted scleral lens to match her right eye more closely. It's truly remarkable technology that we're able to offer.

Corneal Transplant Patient Goes from Count Fingers to 20 60 Vision

Corneal Transplant Patient Goes from Count Fingers to 20/60 Vision

What are Meibomian Glands

What are Meibomian Glands?

In this video, we'll discuss a technology called meibography, available in our office. This tool checks something called the meibomian glands, as seen in these photos. In the first photo, we see normal meibomian glands, which are long with white striations. However, in the second photo, the glands are short...
image2 (1)

Understanding Corneal Abrasions

Our eyes are constantly exposed to various elements in our environment, making them vulnerable to injuries. One common eye injury that many people experience is a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions refer to scratches or damages to the clear, protective surface of the eye called the cornea. While they can be...
blue light eye exam

Blue Light at the Eye Doctor: What You Need to Know

During an eye exam, you may have noticed that the eye doctor uses a blue light. But have you ever wondered why? This article will explain the different reasons why a doctor might use a blue light during your exam and what it helps them assess. Assessing the Surface of...
pkp od

Risks with Corneal Transplant Surgery

Corneal transplant surgery is a procedure that involves transplanting the cornea of the eye from a donor to a patient. This procedure is typically performed to address corneal issues that cannot be corrected with other treatments such as medications or glasses. While a successful corneal transplant surgery can improve vision,...
Scleral Lens For Corneal Scar thumbnail

Scleral Lens For Corneal Scar

Dr Explains Corneal Scar thumbnail

Dr. Explains Corneal Scar

In this video, the patient exhibits a corneal scar, visible as a white opaque area. Such scars can result from various conditions. In Dr. Woo's practice, they are primarily attributed to keratoconus, although ocular trauma can also be a cause. Corneal scarring can arise from corneal dystrophy or other issues,...
What Is A Hard Contact Lens thumbnail

What is a Hard Contact Lens?

In this video, there is something called a corneal gas permeable lens, and as you can see, the contact lens fits inside the iris contours or the cornea. So, it doesn't extend all the way out to the colored part of the eye, making it actually smaller when compared to...
Phoropter Used By Eye Doctors thumbnail

Phoropter Used by Eye Doctors

This device that you see in the eye doctor's office is called a phoropter. It's filled with lots of different powers, prescriptions, and lenses so that doctors can ask you the question, "Which is better, number one or number two?" to figure out which one you prefer. This helps determine...
woo eyeprint

EyePrint GP Lens

A lovely patient arrived to our office for an assessment of her right eye. She was referred to us by Dr. DeBry for a contact lens evaluation, in efforts to improve her vision with a gas permeable lens. She can only see Hand Motion in the right eye and she...
woo iris

What Happens if you have a Disfigured Eye?

We were referred a patient with an opacified cornea in the left eye from trauma as a child. His eye is completely white and cannot see. With a prosthetic contact lens (see image), it allows the eye to appear similar to the good eye. His corneal shape and conjunctival shape is very...
woo prosth

Custom Designed Gas Permeable Lens

Do you have an incredibly complicated cornea? A more custom gas permeable lens might be the answer! With traditional gas permeable lenses (also known as RGPs, rigid gas permeable lenses, or hard lenses), a doctor must use a fitting set to help identify the best fit for your eye. This involves the...
Woo OS pkp

Corneal Transplant Problems

Often times, corneal transplants are thought to "cure all of my problems." I can't tell you how many times patients have come to my office who have a diseased eye that just want a corneal transplant. There is a misconception that a corneal transplant will get rid of everything on...
OCT OS over tube

Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis: What You Need To Know

Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis (PKC) is a type of eye infection that commonly affects children and young adults. It can be a painful experience, and it's important to know the signs and symptoms so you can seek treatment as soon as possible. The signs and symptoms of phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis are recognizable and...
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Ptosis: What You Can Do To Help

Droopy eyelids, technically known as ptosis, can be a distressing condition for individuals and often require surgical intervention. If left untreated, ptosis can lead to amblyopia, and interfere with everyday life tasks such as reading, driving, and even walking. In many cases, surgery is the best option, but if surgery...
How often should you throw away your contact lens case   YouTube thumbnail

How often should you throw away your contact lens case?

Here's Dr. Woo's discussion your contact lens case; This is something that needs to be replaced frequently. Many patients keep them for weeks, months, or even years on end, which harbors tons of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and amoebas. In reality, you need to replace your contact lens case about every...
Corneal Abrasion   YouTube   thumbnail

Corneal Abrasion

This is something called a corneal abrasion and you can see in the yellow area that is where the cornea is damaged. This is something that can be caused from a variety of reasons like something got in your eye, maybe something scratched or poked your eye, maybe you got...
Curling Iron Incident   YouTube   thumbnail

Curling Iron Incident

Bells Palsy YouTube thumbnail

Bell’s Palsy

Demodex and Eye Mites   YouTube   thumbnail

Demodex and Eye Mites

So what you're seeing in this video is a patient of Dr. Woo who has something called Demodex. You can see at the base of the eyelashes There's kind of that yellow crusty stuff. That is called demodex and it's an inflammation and overproduction of Eye mites. I know it...
Assessing Macular Health with an OCT   YouTube   thumbnail

Assessing Macular Health with an OCT

Best Test for Retina   YouTube video thumbnail

Best Test for Retina

james wainscoat GGewLGcQD I unsplash (1)

Demodex and Its Effects on the Eyes

Demodex is a relatively unheard-of creature that is much more common – and closer – than you might think! Demodex is a mite that lives at the base of eyelashes and can cause inflammation and dry eye symptoms. The only way to detect Demodex is through an eye examination and...
Scleral elevation OD scleral contact lenses

Scleral Lenses and How It’s Molded to the Eye

Scleral contact lenses are used in patients with irregular corneas, corneal transplants, and with other ocular surface abnormalities like a bleb from glaucoma surgery. In many cases, a standard scleral contact lens will be sufficient to vault over any irregularities and correct vision. However, if there are multiple complications in...
woman behind slit lamp

What is a Slit Lamp?

legally blind man with dog

Are you legally blind?

eye2   Copy 300×200

Can eyes change color over time?

rinsing hands in water

Using Baby Shampoo to Clean Your Lids Please Stop!

Dr Woo

Corneal Hydrops!

Glaucoma tonometry test

Few things about Glaucoma!

Retinal photography

Retinal Photography

woo ca2

Corneal Abrasion

woo ca2

Close up man closed eye

What is at the Base of these Eyelids?

The crusty stuff you see at the base of the eyelids and lashes is belpharitis and demodex. This is common inflammatory condition that eye doctors see every single day. Demodex is a collection of eye mites that get overpopulated causing a flakey and scaley appearance. To treat demodex, a variety of...
Scleral elevation OD Scleral Contact Lenses

6 Things To Know About Customizable Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are large, hard contact lenses that are designed to rest on the white of the eyes and cover the front of the eye entirely. These lenses are often used when the cornea has some irregularity like keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, or after corneal transplant surgery. Since the...
Custom Scleral Lens for Corneal Transplant Patient thumbnail

Custom Scleral Lens for Corneal Transplant Patient

We had a lovely patient discover our office on her quest to find a better fitting scleral lens. Her current scleral lens was causing her pain, redness, and she had difficulty removing it. She has a prosthetic eye in the right eye (due to an injury years ago), so she...
Scleral Lenses for Corneal Scar thumbnail

Scleral Lenses for Corneal Scar

A lovely 80 year old white female was referred to our office for a potential scleral lens fitting from Dr. Wellish from Wellish Vision Institute. She suffers from a superior central corneal scar, which you can see in the photo. The cause is unknown. She also has a PCIOL from...
OS Topo keratoconus

Available Treatments for Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive and chronic eye condition that leads to blurry vision, and distorted vision, and can result in damage to the cornea. With keratoconus, the cornea becomes thinner and steeper over time until the condition stabilizes – usually in the thirties or forties. Treatments for keratoconus focus on...
Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

Can You Have Perfect Vision If You Have Keratoconus?

This article covers the burning question of whether it would be possible to have perfect vision with keratoconus. It covers genetic aspects and contact lens treatment options.

anirudh aKG5MPuJbKA unsplash 1

4 Things to Know About Corneal Hydrops

The eye condition of corneal hydrops is a severe complication from keratoconus. Corneal hydrops results from the increased thinning and steepening of the cornea related to keratoconus. If corneal hydrops develops, it can cause extreme pain, blurred vision, and distortion from the ocular surface changes. Treatment for corneal hydrops includes...
disposable contact lens on finger

What’s the difference between a daily disposable contact lens and a monthly contact lens?

What’s the difference between a daily disposable contact lens and a monthly contact lens?...
eye4 500×335

How to tell if I have an Eye Infection?

It's pretty easy to spot eye infections since they are fairly common. Redness, itching, swelling, and blurred vision are some of the symptoms you may observe....
corneal topography data screenshot

Understanding Corneal Topography

Once a topography image is captured, it is now time to evaluate the data collected. The topography will give doctors an image of different colors. The colors reflect steep areas (represented in red and orange) and flat areas (represented in blue). Using the scale on the left, we know how...
corneal topography graphic

Corneal Topography Demonstration

A corneal topographer checks the curvature of your eye to provide the doctor with specific measurements. What to expect: As a patient, topography is not painful. Simply place your chin in the chinrest and then look straight ahead into the light. We will then use the machine to capture the...
Three Young Boys Basketball 1280×853

Are there soft contact lenses that prevent vision from Worsening?

Find out about two products available to correct your child's vision for myopia 👁...
Disposable Contacts Thumbnail

Eye Doctors Like Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are one-use lenses that are removed and discarded at the end of each day, and are replaced the next morning with fresh lenses. For their health and convenience benefits, daily contact lenses are becoming more popular among practitioners and consumers....
senior woman eyes up close

Basal Cell Carcinoma

First Lady Jill Biden had a cancerous lesion removed from near her right eyelid. It was confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma. This is a very common skin cancer that I see all the time. The eyelid is the number one place that people get cancer. To prevent eyelid cancer...
OCT OD Temp slight edge lift scleral contact lenses

3 Things To Know About Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are large, rigid contact lenses that vault over the cornea and rest on the white of the eye. One common concern for patients considering this type of contact lens is whether or not the contact lens will be comfortable. Fortunately, a scleral contact lens that is properly...

Are your Scleral Lenses Uncomfortable?

If so, you are not alone. There are many different causes to scleral lens discomfort. Most of the time, it is due to the fit of the scleral lens. If the scleral lens does not fit your eye perfectly, there can be small issues with the lens that can create...
OCT OD Temp slight edge lift (1)

4 Reasons You Need Prosthetic Contact Lenses

A prosthetic contact lens is a painted or colored contact lens that can be a soft or hard lens. The purpose of the prosthetic contact lens is to cover the eye and improve the appearance of the eye following an injury or development of an eye condition. These contact lenses...

What are Corneal Hydrops?

Corneal hydrops affects patients with keratoconus, usually patients who have very advanced or severe stages of keratoconus. The cornea has 5 layers. From front to back: epithelium, basement membrane, stroma, Descemet's membrane, and endothelium. Each layer is critical to the health of the cornea. In corneal hydrops, the fourth layer -...

Edge Lift with Sclerals

Edge lift with scleral lenses can be hard to see. Even after seeing thousands of scleral lens patients, it is still difficult for me to spot it sometimes. Edge lift occurs when the edge of the scleral lens is too flat, resulting in the edge lifting off the eye. An analogy...
OD Rose K2 PG BC 7.50 eye surgery

How Can An Eye Surgery Affect Contact Lens Wear?

Having eye surgery may impact your ability to wear contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are designed for uniform, smooth corneas and eyes without any structural abnormalities. However, when surgery is performed on an eye, it can result in the eye having either an abnormal shape or may weaken the eye...
The Link Between High Myopia and Serious Eye Diseases.jpg

The Link Between High Myopia and Serious Eye Diseases

High myopia – severe nearsightedness – is associated with an increased risk of serious eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts.

man with beard and sunglasses

3 tips to help prevent Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an age-related eye condition that affects central vision. This occurs as aging disrupts the functioning of macula - an essential part of the eye responsible for clear, focused vision. Macula is a component of retina, i.e., the light-sensitive lining at the back of your eyes....
surefer in wetsuit holding board

Can Keratoconus Patients get LASIK?

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that causes the cornea to become thin which leads to irregularly shaped eyes. Therefore, it is not suitable for LASIK surgery. The unpredictable nature of this condition makes it difficult to treat the eye with precision and accuracy.  ...
contact lens case and tweezers

Can you store scleral contact lenses dry?

dialated eye upclose

How long does it take for my the Dilated Eyes to go back to Normal?

Getting your eyes dilated is an important part of any complete eye exam. So, How long does it take for dilated eyes to go back to normal?  ...
Corneal Topography Demo thumbnail

Corneal Topography Demonstration

A corneal topographer checks the curvature of your eye to provide the doctor with specific measurements. What to expect: As a patient, topography is not painful. Simply place your chin in the chinrest and then look straight ahead into the light. We will then use the machine to capture the...
corneal topography screenshot

Understanding Corneal Topography

Once a topography image is captured, it is now time to evaluate the data collected. The topography will give doctors an image of different colors. The colors reflect steep areas (represented in red and orange) and flat areas (represented in blue). Using the scale on the left, we know how...
Eye Exams for Contact Lenses Thumbnail

How often should you go to the Eye Doctor?

An eye exam is important every year to make sure your eyesight isn't developing any irregularities. Factors such as aging, certain medications and even health can impact your vision....
mans brown eyes looking left

How many Eye Muscles Do you have?

There are six extraocular muscles that control all of the movement of the eye. These muscles are the superior rectus, inferior rectus, lateral rectus, medial rectus, superior oblique, and inferior oblique. The muscles of the eye are designed to stabilize in specific locations depending on what type of movement is...
Subconjunctival hemorrhage

What is a bloody Eye?

A broken blood vessel in your eye may look alarming, but it's usually harmless. Usually subconjunctival hemorrhages occur when a tiny blood vessel gets broken underneath the clear surface of your eye (conjunctiva). You might be surprised, but having one is usually just like having a bruise on the skin....
womans eye makeup upclose

Eyeliner mistake as told by an Eye Doctor!


What is a Prosthetic Contact lens and Who needs it?


patient having special eye exam 350×640 2.jpg

Eye Exam Saves Woman’s Life by Detecting Brain Tumor Early

Here's how eye exams helped save Katie's vision and quality of life. Call The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada to schedule your appointment.


Contact Lens Options for Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an eye condition that creates a distorted and blurry vision that is not able to be corrected well with glasses. Instead, the best option for those with keratoconus is to use contact lenses to correct the vision. There are a few different special types of contact lenses that...

Contact Lenses for Aphakia



Patient Sees Clearly with Scleral Contact Lens



Scleral Lenses For Keratoconus and Corneal Transplant



Can Glaucoma Patients Wear Contact Lenses?

woogl3woo glauc



What Eye Conditions Can Lead to Corneal Edema?

Corneal edema occurs when the cornea, which is the front structure of the eye, swells due to water being retained within the cornea. There are many different reasons for the corneal to swell and corneal edema to occur. The most common of these are problems with the corneal endothelium, long-term...
girl putting on contact lens

How Long Does It Take To Switch From Glasses to Scleral Lenses?

Switching from glasses to scleral contact lenses can take several weeks. your Las Vegas eye doctor will provide instructions on how to properly insert, remove, and care for the lenses, as well as how to monitor for any potential complications. Read on to learn more.

Why Dry Eye Affects More Women Than Men Thumbnail

What is the Yellow Dye that Eye Doctor use?

Asian Senior Elderly Man With Ring Serious Thinking And Worry Ab

Why isn’t there a cure for Glaucoma?

pupil of eye

What is the purpose of the Pupil or black part of your eyes?

Dry Eye Africam American Man Thumbnail

Top 3 Eye Drops for Dry Eye!

Family with two young kids

Make sure you get your Kid’s Eyes checked before Kindergarten

synachiae (1)

Uveitis and Synechiae in the Eye

As part of the standard management for inflammation of the front of the eye, a dilating drop is instilled in the office and is usually prescribed for use at home as well. The purpose of the dilating eye drop is to keep the pupil large to prevent posterior synechiae from...
Experts Warn of Rising Levels Of Myopia 640×350 1.jpg

Experts Warn of Rising Levels Of Myopia

Discover why experts say there’s a myopia epidemic, and learn what you can do to keep your kids’ eyes healthy. The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada proudly offers myopia management treatments to nearsighted children for healthy and clear life-long vision.

scleral edema scan thumbnail

Can Scleral Lenses Cause Corneal Edema?

While most patients will not need to worry about corneal edema, there are a few special patient populations that we need to monitor carefully. If a patient has any of the following, we should proceed with caution: Fuch's dystrophy Low endothelial cell count Polymegathism- Pleomorphism Corneal transplant Any other issue...
What Causes Dry Eye Thumbnail

How to get rid of red eyes

woman slit lamp

Why Eye Doctors Dilate your eyes?

dialated eye exam senior

How long does it take for dilated eyes to go back to normal?

woman in holiday dress w gift.jpg

7 Eye Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Your eye experts at The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada have compiled our top 7 tips for keeping your eyes healthy and safe this holiday season. Let us know how else we can help!

posterior synechiae eye damage anterior uveitis

Inflammation, Dilating Eyes and Posterior Synechiae

As part of the standard management for inflammation of the front of the eye, a dilating drop is instilled in the office and is usually prescribed for use at home as well. The purpose of the dilating eye drop is to keep the pupil large to prevent posterior synechiae from...
exam child smiling thumbnail

Is a Vision Screening the same as an Eye Exam?

Thumbnail contact exam

When Should your Child have an Eye Exam?


What Can Cause Discomfort with Scleral Contact Lenses?

Wearing scleral contact lenses should not cause any pain or discomfort if the lenses are properly positioned, fit correctly, and are worn appropriately. If there is discomfort when wearing these lenses, it can result in decreased vision or contact lens intolerance. Identifying the cause of the discomfort with the scleral...
Cataract Surgery Co Management Thumbnail

Will I Get Cataracts?

topo corneal map

The Best Contact Lens Options for Keratoconus

dr. Woo

The Slit Lamp

The slit lamp is a special piece of equipment eye doctors use to evaluate your eye. Think of it like a microscope flipped on its side. We use this machine to check the health of you eye structures including your eyelids, lashes, cornea, conjunctiva, iris and much more. Your eye...
City Kids Are More Likely To Be Nearsighted.jpg

City Kids Are More Likely To Be Nearsighted

Did you know that a risk factor for developing myopia (nearsightedness) is living in an urban area? But don’t worry – the myopia management program at The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada can help.

Topo OS thumbnail

Can Glaucoma Patients Wear Scleral Lenses?

We have a lot of patients with glaucoma who wear scleral contact lenses. Scleral lenses will not help glaucoma progression, and the reason they use scleral lenses is not for their glaucoma. Many glaucoma patients suffer from dry eye syndrome. This is due to the preservatives in the glaucoma drops....

How to Remove an Amniotic Membrane

There are many different brands using amniotic membrane technology to help the eye with expedited healing. One of the amniotic membranes we use is called Biotissue Prokera. This is a unique amniotic membrane because it is cryopreserved, unlike most which are dehydrated and packaged dry. We place the amniotic tissue...

Posterior Synechiae

Posterior synechiae is something I see very commonly in patients who have inflammation in their eye (called iritis). When the fluid in the eye becomes inflamed, it can also become sticky. What happens now is the iris (the colored part of the eye) can start to stick to the front...
child rubbing eyes keratoconus

What Conditions Can Cause Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disease that is defined by thinning and steepening of the cornea. These changes can be exacerbated by or initiated by other factors and conditions. There are systemic medical conditions which are linked to developing keratoconus and there are other eye conditions which may contribute to the...

Live EyePrint Demonstration!

The EyePrint Prosthetic is often regarded as the most custom, premium scleral lens on the market. The technology is one of a kind. First, an impression of the ocular surface is taken. Next, the impression is scanned using 3 million data points to design a custom fit scleral lens. The lens...

EyePrint for Scleral Lenses

Our office uses something called EyePrint technology that uses an impression of your eye to create a custom scleral lens. The compounding material is mixed together to activate, and after about 20-30 seconds, it is ready to apply the the eye. The material is formulated specifically to the ocular surface....
world keratoconus day November

Raising Awareness About Keratoconus

World Keratoconus Day is celebrated every year on November 10 to raise awareness of this rare eye condition. Read on to learn about keratoconus and how it’s treated.


Scleral Lens Discomfort

If you wear scleral lenses, you may have had a few lenses in the past that caused you discomfort. This is very common, due to the fact that the shape of the lens has a lot of different parameters that can be adjusted by your eye doctor. In this particular...

Corneal Scar From Black Mold

One of my favorite patients of all time came to visit me in Las Vegas! This patient was exposed to black mold in 2014/2015 and suffered a very hard-to-treat corneal ulcer in her left eye. We cultured the ulcer and it came back negative for everything tested for. We tried...

Herpes In The Eye

Can herpes affect the eye? It sure can, and it is usually accompanied by other issues such as pain, problems with light sensitivity, watery eyes, and a foreign body sensation. In this photo, you can see some small little yellow star shapes on the cornea. These are called dendrites, and...

Do you Suffer from Bubbles in your Scleral Lens?

You are not alone - this happens to a lot of my patients. There are usually two types of bubbles: The first type presents IMMEDIATELY after inserting your scleral lens. When this happens, you can spot a large bubble inside your scleral lens when looking in the mirror. The vision...

Corneal Scar

A patient was kindly referred to our office for a scleral lens evaluation by Dr. Stafeeva. This patient suffered from a large corneal ulcer due to a work related injury about 3 months ago, and now has a very large scar covering the majority of his cornea. When I see...

Is it OK to Smash the Cornea with a Scleral Lens?

This patient has undergone 6 corneal transplants and she was fit into a scleral lens about 2 years ago. Her vision is good (20/30) but the comfort is poor. We decided to fit her into an EyePrint Prosthetic due to the complexity of her case. However, at dispense she could only...

Corneal Intacs

Corneal Intacs Make For Great Scleral Lens Patients Thank you for Dr. Ritenour for your kind referral of this lovely keratoconus patient. She flew all the way from Virginia to Las Vegas to see us, thanks to Dr. Ritenour's recommendation. A young 58 year old female presented to the office...

Higher Order Aberration Scleral Lens

This was a fun case where we used a higher order aberration scleral lens (HOA) to help maximize a keratoconus patient's vision potential. This patient suffers from keratoconus, a disease in which the cornea becomes thinner and steeper over time. Due to the change in corneal shape, patients often experience...

Blood in the Eye

A bloody eye can be very scary! Most of the time when you see someone with a bloody eye, it is located in the white part of the eye, called the conjunctiva. On a rare occurrence, you may see someone with blood near their iris. This is much less common,...

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a condition of the eye where the natural crystalline lens becomes cloudy and foggy. Your natural lens is located behind the iris (the colored part of your eye). When we are born, the lens is very crystal clear, but over time, it becomes more yellow or brown...

Metal in the Eye

Living in a rural area means that I have to be prepared for anything that walks in the door. This is a patient who was welding without a helmet or safety goggles and got metal in his lower eyelid. You can see the small dark speck on the lower lid....

Prokera Amniotic Membrane

A patient presented to our office comparing of a very painful and red eye upon waking. She admitted to sleeping in her contact lenses and only charging them when she felt they were worn out.She had a very large corneal abrasion in her central corneal which you can see in...

Prosthetic Contact Lenses

We had an exciting new case present to our office this week. This patient traveled all the way from Northern California over 7 hours to see us. He has a history of a chemical burn on the left eye (which you can see as a completely opaque cornea) which has...
Genetic Testing Keratoconus.jpg

Could You Pass on the Keratoconus Gene?

Genetic testing can help determine whether you have a genetic variant that may put you or your children at risk for certain diseases. Read on to learn about genetic testing for keratoconus.

holding contact lenses smiling.jpg

Protect Your Eyes With These Contact Lens Safety Tips

It's Contact Lens Safety Month, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on ways to keep your eyes and vision healthy when wearing contact lenses. Here are our top contact lens safety tips to keep your peepers happy.

Why Glasses Are Not the Solution for Progressive Myopia 640×350 1.jpg

Why Glasses Are Not the Solution for Progressive Myopia

Traditional myopia correction uses glasses to improve visual acuity, but they are not a solution for controlling myopia’s progression and may even contribute to worsening myopia. Myopia management is an effective treatment program to slow or halt myopia progression.

person wearing yellow shirt squinting into glasses.jpg

Are You Suddenly Seeing Dark Spots? Here’s What You Should Do

Seeing floaters is common and usually nothing to worry about. Yet there are times when floaters are a sign of a serious eye condition. Here’s what you need to know about eye floaters, and how The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada can help!

Is Myopia Management Worth The Financial Investment 640×350 1.jpg

Is Myopia Management Worth The Financial Investment?

The most important reason for choosing myopia management is to protect your child’s precious gift of sight from sight-threatening eye diseases. But here’s an added benefit: it may save you money in the long run!

Can You Wear Contacts With Corneal Dystrophy 640×350 1.jpg

Can You Wear Contacts With Corneal Dystrophy?

If you have corneal dystrophy, it will become increasingly difficult to wear standard contact lenses. Scleral lenses are an excellent choice for patients with many types of corneal irregularities, including most types of corneal dystrophy. Read on to learn how The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada can help.

man rubbing eye holding glasses.jpg

3 Effective Ways to Relieve Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions in the world, yet many people put up with the discomfort, even though it's very treatable. Here are tips to help you deal with your dry eye symptoms, along with treatment from your eye doctor.

woo sclrk

Scleral Lenses for Radial Keratotomy (RK)

There are many patients who had radial keratotomy (RK) surgery in the 1990's. This was a procedure that was used to correct refractive error, but safer methods such as LASIK now take its place. RK involved the surgeon using a small knife (scalpel) and cutting the outer edge of the...
woo pros cl

Prosthetic Scleral Lens

A beautiful patient came to see us today for a consult for a prosthetic scleral lens. She had a brain tumor at a young age which compressed cranial nerve III which affected her right eye. As a result, her eye turns out and down. She also had a large, fixed...
person looking through magnifying glass.jpg

5 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Here are 5 eye symptoms that you should never ignore. Call The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada without delay if you or a loved one experiences any of these eye or vision problems.


Discomfort with a Scleral Lens

Discomfort with a Scleral Lens We saw one of our keratoconus patients for a follow up this week for her custom scleral lens on her left eye. She states that the vision is excellent, but the lens is slightly uncomfortable inferiorly. She can see 20/25 in her Latitude Custom Scleral...
How to Reduce Your Childs Risk of Myopia 640×350 1.jpg

How to Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Myopia

Childhood myopia — nearsightedness — is reaching epidemic proportions. Fortunately, there are steps parents can take to reduce their child’s risk of developing myopia.

boy smiling for back to school eye exams.jpg

Start The Year Right With A Pediatric Eye Exam

Every child should have a comprehensive eye exam before the start of the new school year. Just as you wouldn’t consider sending them to school without a backpack or a lunch box, make sure their eyes and vision are ready for the challenges ahead.

woo aug1

Scleral Lens for Keratoconus

Thank you to whoever referred this special keratoconus patient to our office! We had the pleasure of seeing a 24 year old hispanic male today for a specialty lens consultation. He called the office and could not remember his referring doctor or clinic and he did not know what eye...
Why Get Custom Contact Lenses 640×350 1.jpg

Why Get Custom Contact Lenses?

Custom contact lenses are specially designed to fit irregularly-shaped corneas. If you find wearing regular contact lenses uncomfortable, ask your optometrist if custom contact lenses are right for you.

How Does High Myopia Affect Eye Health 640×350 1.jpg

How Does High Myopia Affect Eye Health?

High myopia isn’t just difficulty seeing faraway objects. It can actually increase the risk of developing serious eye diseases later in life. Read on to find out how you can slow or halt your child’s myopia progression.

boy with nerf gun.jpg

Can I Be Blinded By A Nerf® Gun?

Did you know that Nerf® guns, a supposedly safe children’s toy, have been shown to cause eye injury in certain cases? What makes them so dangerous?

Little Boy Thinking and Learning.jpg

Hyperopia and Your Child

Hyperopia affects near vision in children and young adults. Want to know more about hyperopia? Here we explain ways to recognize the condition and help your child if they have it.

woo scleral lens for KC

Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

Today we saw a long time patient of ours who we've been managing for keratoconus over the past 6 years. Keratoconus is a condition of the eye that causes the front part of the eye (the cornea) to thin and become irregular in shape. This irregular shape can cause vision...
Everything You Need To Know About Keratoconus 640×350 11.jpg

Everything You Need To Know About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that causes the cornea to thin and bulge, resulting in blurry and distorted vision. Here are the most commonly asked questions about keratoconus.

older woman with son.jpg

Can Cataract Surgery Prevent Dementia?

Cataract surgery not only improves vision. Research suggests that cataract surgery may also prevent cognitive decline.


Prokera Membrane Heals a Herpes Eye Infection

This patient suffered from a herpes viral eye infection and had a flare up. The area that stains red and yellow shows the defect on her cornea. A Herpes eye infection is very painful and can also lead to scar tissue on the eye. We managed this patient with an...

Do Corneal Transplants Improve your Vision?

Many patients who undergo a corneal transplant will still have a very irregularly shaped surface, which yields blurry and distorted vision. However, every once in a while, I see some outstanding work from a corneal surgeon. Dr. Peter DeBry at NV Eye Surgery, performed a corneal transplant on a patient who had...

Keratoconus Improved by Scleral Lenses

Thank you Dr. Stafeeva for referring your keratoconus patient to our clinic! A very pleasant 25 year old male was kindly referred to us from his corneal specialist for a specialty contact lens evaluation. He had "perfect vision" until the age of 14 years old when he started needing glasses...
eye techology male.jpg

Why is this Person’s Eye Shaking?

This patient has a condition called nystagmus. Nystagmus is a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. The patterns can happen side to side (like in this patient's case), up and down, in a circular motion or a combination. Nystagmus can be congenital (happens at birth) or...

Scleral Lenses for Extreme Dry Eye

Thank you Dr. Wellish (Wellish Vision Institute) for your kind referral of your extreme dry eye patient to our clinic. A lovely patient was referred to our office for a scleral lens consultation. She had LASIK in the 1990's and over the past decade has suffered from dry eye syndrome....
Can We Stop Myopia from Progressing 640×350 1.jpg

Can We Stop Myopia From Progressing?

Myopia management, an optometrist-developed program, can slow and even halt the progression of a child’s myopia. Read on to learn more.

mom and daughter with sunglasses and black hats.jpg

June 27 Is National Sunglasses Day!

Here’s how you can celebrate National Sunglasses Day on June 27.

Scleral Lenses 4 Facts You Should Know 640×350 1.jpg

4 Facts You Should Know About Scleral Lenses

Scleral contact lenses provide the perfect fit and maximum comfort for people with keratoconus, other corneal irregularities or severe dry eye syndrome. Discover how scleral lenses can provide comfort and improved vision.

Computer Vision May 2022.jpg

Could Working From Home Be Hurting Your Vision?

Working at home has many benefits, but it can also trigger computer-related eye strain. Here are some proven ways to reduce digital eye strain, whether at home or in the office.

How Myopia Nearsightedness Can Affect Your Childs Life 640×350 1.jpg

How Myopia (Nearsightedness) Can Affect Your Child’s Life

Myopia — nearsightedness — affects your ability to see faraway objects. Unless myopia is managed during childhood, it raises the risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life. Find out more about myopia management.

Eye Chart Snellen.jpg

What Exactly is an Eye Chart?

At some point in our lives, we've all had our eyes examined using an eye chart – whether during a school screening or at the optometrist's office. But what exactly is the chart and what does it measure? Read on to find out!

irritated eyes worry.jpg

Bloodshot Eyes – Should You Be Concerned?

Bloodshot eyes can be harmless, but may also be a sign of an underlying eye condition.

Myopic Parents 640×350 1.jpg

Are Myopic Parents More Likely to Have Myopic Children?

Can you pass myopia, or nearsightedness, onto your kids? According to research, there is definitely a genetic component. Fortunately, myopia management can slow myopia progression.

Senior with macular degeneration.jpg

Concerned About Macular Degeneration? – Here Are 6 Tips to Lower your Risk

Macular degeneration is a major cause of vision loss. Here are 6 ways to help lower your risk of developing this sight-threatening condition.

Are Contact Lenses Not Working for You 640×350 1.jpg

Regular Contact Lenses Not Working for You? Consider Scleral Lenses

In people with certain eye conditions, regular contact lenses may be uncomfortable—even impossible— to wear. Here's why scleral lenses may be a better option.

Stay Active and See Better With Scleral Lenses 640×350 1.jpg

Stay Active and See Better With Scleral Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are tailor-made for people with keratoconus, irregularly shaped corneas and severe dry eyes, as well as patients recovering from certain eye surgeries. But did you know that they’re also ideal for people who live active lifestyles?

cataracts optometrist.jpg

What’s Your Optometrist Role in Cataract Surgery?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, your optometrist will monitor its progression and manage your symptoms. Once you need surgery, your optometrist can direct you to an eye surgeon.

5 vision saving tips.jpg

5 Vision-Saving Tips for National Save Your Vision Month

This March, in honor of National Save Your Vision Month, we’ve compiled a list of 5 essential ways to help you keep your eyes healthy and strong.

2022 GP Practitioner of the Year

2022 Naomi “Jo” Svochak GP Practitioner of the Year: Dr. Stephanie L. Woo

8 Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses 640×350 1.jpg

8 Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses

With scleral lenses, you’ll experience consistently clear vision—even if you have an irregular cornea and dry eye syndrome. Here are some of the benefits of wearing scleral lenses.

IMG 5501

Corneal Transplant, Dislocated Pupil and Glaucoma Shunt

Corneal Transplant, Dislocated Pupil and Glaucoma Shunt

ValentinesDay 640x350.jpg

10 Ways to Give Your Eyes Some Love This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to give your eyes some love. Here are 10 ways you can give your eyes the attention they deserve, to protect them both now and in the future.

How to Reduce Your Childs Screen Time 640×350 1.jpg

5 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

If your child spends too much time in front of screens, it’s important to set limits and establish routines to protect both their general health and their eye health and help prevent the development or progression of myopia.

Research Suggests a Link Between Childhood Obesity and High Myopia 640×350 1.jpg

Research Suggests a Link Between Childhood Obesity and High Myopia

Research suggests that children who are obese may have a higher risk of developing high myopia. Read up to learn why and discover what you can do about it.

This Patient has a History of a Corneal Transplant

This Patient has a History of a Corneal Transplant

Bilateral Corneal Transplants & Glaucoma Patient Success With Scleral Contacts

Our patient with bilateral corneal transplants and glaucoma arrived for his scleral contact lens dispense today.

happy scleral lense couple 640×350 1.jpg

LASIK Complications: How Scleral Lenses Can Help You Regain Clear Vision

Have you or a loved one have experienced complications following LASIK or any other type of refractive surgery? Scleral lenses may be just the solution you need! Read on to learn how scleral contact lenses can help restore clear and healthy vision.

Eye Twitching 640x350.jpg

Why Is My Eyelid Twitching?

An eyelid twitch can develop for a number of reasons, and most of the time it’s not a cause for concern. Find out what may be causing your eye to twitch and what can relieve it.

A Specialty Contact Lens Evaluation

A Specialty Contact Lens Evaluation at The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas.

happy couple in winter 640×350 1.jpg

6 Things To Know About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an eye disease that changes the shape and function of the cornea. Here are 6 facts about keratoconus that you should know.

The Link Between Myopia Progression and COVID Confinement 640×350 1.jpg

The Link Between Myopia Progression and COVID Confinement

For many children, COVID-19 restrictions have meant more time indoors, and more time spent on digital screens. According to research studies, this has led to a worrying increase in myopia progression. Fortunately, there are ways to slow and sometimes stop myopia from worsening.

Vision Mother And Boy 640x350.jpg

5 Ways to Protect and Improve Your Child’s Eyesight

Your children's vision is their primary window into the world around them. Keeping their eyesight healthy is an important part of allowing them to experience life to the fullest. Read these 5 tips!

Pregnancy Eyesight 640x350.jpg

How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Eyesight

Did you know that pregnancy hormones can affect your vision? Read on to learn about the possible visual changes that some women may experience while expecting, and what warning signs to look out for.

virtual learning vision 640x350.jpg

What Is the Long-Term Impact of Virtual Learning on Children’s Eyes?

For many children, learning via a digital device has become routine, and their eyes are paying the price. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize digital eye strain while your child is studying.

girl putting on a contact lens 640x350

Scleral Lens Insertion Tools

This is a question that we receive every single day from patients all over the world. Scleral lens insertion problems are the number one reason that patients drop out of scleral lenses.

Why Ortho K Is A Great Alternative To LASIK 640×350 1.jpg

Why Ortho-K Is A Great Alternative To LASIK

Not sure if you should have LASIK surgery? Here are a few reasons why ortho-k lenses make a great alternative to refractive surgery.

vision wellness 2 640x350.jpg

7 Tips to Keep Your Vision Healthy and Clear

Creating healthy living habits is a great way to preserve your vision throughout your lifetime. These can help keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Prosthetic Contact Lenses are Life Changing

Prosthetic Contact Lenses are Life Changing!

This patient suffered an injury to the left eye in 1987 which left her with a retinal detachment and a myriad of other ocular issues. The end result is a completely blind left eye, which looks very different from the right eye.

Diabetic blurry after eating 640x350.jpg

Do You Get Blurred Vision After Eating?

If you've noticed that your vision turns hazy after enjoying a meal, you may have an early stage of diabetes mellitus. Here's how your optometrist can help.

Keratoconus Patient Referred To Us

Keratoconus Patient Referred To Us For Contact Lens Consultation

We had a very nice 48 year old patient referred to us for a contact lens consultation by Dr. Wellish. Diagnosed with keratoconus in his 20's,  he noticed a huge decrease in the vision in both eyes over the last 2 years.

Can Scleral Lenses Help Patients with RK Scarring

Can Scleral Lenses Help Patients with RK Scarring?

One of most successful scleral lens patients arrived to the office for her annual contact lens evaluation. She is an 80 year old female who had radial keratotomy (RK) surgery years ago. She did quite well for many years, but then her vision started to decline. She ended up having...
Scleral Lens Assessment Video

Scleral Lens Assessment Video by Dr. Stephanie Woo

How do I evaluate a scleral lens? Often times I am asked to discuss scleral lens assessment. What do you look for? What equipment is needed? Any other advice? Here is a short video of me assessing a scleral lens on a patient's eye. First, I get an overall view...
senior eyelids before after upneeq

Before and After Upneeq Eye Drop!

This patient arrived for a specialty contact lens fit consultation. As we were taking images of her eye she said, "My eyelids are so saggy, I wish there was an eye drop that could help to lift them up!" Good news - there is a drop called Upneeq available in...
Corneal Transplant Patient OD topo axial

Corneal Transplant Patient Looking To Improve Vision

Thank you for the kind referral from Dr. Tami Le! 49 year old African American male came to us looking for a way to improve his vision. The patient has had corneal transplants in both eyes due to severe keratoconus diagnosed in 2013. His entering visual acuity was 20/200 right...
Tips for kids 640x350.jpg

5 Important Eye Care Tips For Kids

Eye care is just as important for children as it is for adults. The sooner you teach your children how to care for their eyes, the more likely they will be to ingrain these habits for life. Here are some tips for kids!

OD OCT central clearance 152

Keratoconus Patient Wore Gas Permeable Contacts For Many Years

Thank you Dr. Ochiltree for this kind referral! 73 yo female has worn gas permeable lenses for many years due to keratoconus. Keratoconus patients are not able to wear traditional contact lenses or glasses due to the irregular shape of their eye. Many times, corneal gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses,...
Patient New Rx OD topo 1

Patient Looking For New Rx For Her Multifocal Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Thank you for this fun referral from Dr. Casey at NVision! 63 year old female was looking for a new prescription for her multifocal corneal gas permeable lenses. She has been wearing GP lenses since she was a child and has always found it difficult to find a well-fitting lens...
Use of Scleral Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

The Use of Scleral Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses in Keratoconus – A Case Report

A special thank you to Judy Tran for developing this amazing case report. Introduction: The prevalence of keratoconus (KCN) in the United States is approximately 8.8-229 per 100,000 affecting both men and women equally.1 KCN is a progressive disease resulting in ectasia of the corneal stroma. It is a noninflammatory...
Patient Referred To Us For Corneal Inflammatory Condition OS pachy over scar

Patient Referred To Us For Corneal Inflammatory Condition

Thank you Dr. Stafeeva for your kind referral to our office! A 59 year old patient was kindly referred to us from her corneal specialist, Dr. Stafeeva. This patient had a corneal inflammatory condition of unknown etiology and has been managed with many eye drops including antibiotics, steroids, and other...
contact lens discomfort 640x350.jpg

How to Deal with Contact Lens Discomfort

Do your eyes become irritated and itchy when you wear contact lenses? Could be dry eye syndrome, allergies or the contact lenses themselves. Read on to find out what to do if you experience contact lens discomfort.

Presbyopia Patient topo OD crop

Presbyopia Patient Looking For Alternative To Eyeglasses

Sharing a case we recently worked on with custom soft lenses. 50 year old female was looking for an alternative to glasses that would also allow her to see up close and far. She reported that she first wore glasses when she was in 1st grade and has a history...
Dry Eye Patient Fit Into Custom Scleral Lens OS Scleral Elevation

Dry Eye Patient Fit Into Custom Scleral Lens

Thank you Dr. Wellish for this kind referral. 66 year old Male was referred to us for a scleral lens consultation for dry eyes. This patient had a h/o of PRK (corneal transplants) in both eyes in the 1990’s and had recently undergone cataract surgery in the right eye He...
mosquito 640×350 1.png

What To Do if a Mosquito Bites Your Eyelid

Mosquito bites are annoying but on the eyelid they can be particularly uncomfortable and even impact your vision. Find out what you can do to treat the bite at home, and when it's a good idea to contact your optometrist.

Patient switched into a custom scleral lens

Patient switched into a custom scleral lens design after failing in a traditional scleral lens

We have been working with a 25 yo male with h/o keratoconus OS>>OD s/p CXL. He found us online looking to see if he can improve his vision with scleral lenses. His vision with his glasses was 20/30 in the right eye and 20/400 in the left eye. He was...

Live demonstration of an EyePrint Prosthetic

In this video, join Dr. Stephanie Woo for a live demonstration of the EyePrint Prosthetic on a real patient. This patient suffers from poor vision as a result of prior eye surgery. She had radial keratotomy surgery (also known as RK surgery) in the early 1990’s. This surgery was a...
Senior Woman Eye Exam 640x350.jpg

6 Ways To Maintain Eye Health If You’re Over 50

As we age our eyes start to change, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with declining vision. Find out what you can do to maintain eye health after the age of 50.

Are Hard Contact Lenses Still Useful topoOSaxial

Are Hard Contact Lenses Still Useful?

Are hard contact lenses still useful? With the invention of scleral lenses, corneal gas permeable lenses may seem like a thing of the past. However, corneal gas permeable lenses still remain a very effective option for many patients. We have the pleasure of seeing a patient with keratoconus. He was...
Contacts 2 640x350

How To Remove Soft Contact Lenses

The best way to remove soft contact lenses is with the pads of your finger. To view helpful ways to remove contact lenses, please visit our resources page. WATCH VIDEOS...

How Do I Get Insurance to Pay for My Scleral Lenses?

How do I get insurance to pay for my scleral lenses? If you have medical or vision insurance, they may contribute toward the cost of scleral lenses. Some insurance companies such as VSP or Eyemed will reimburse eye doctors quite well for scleral lenses, and many offices accept this insurance...
Does Insurance Cover Scleral Lenses

Does Insurance Cover Scleral Lenses

Does insurance pay for scleral lenses? Yes. In many cases, insurance will cover the cost of scleral lenses. This is especially true if you have a medical eye condition, such as keratoconus. Both vision insurance and medical insurance may cover scleral lenses. If you have a non-medical eye condition such...
Nutrifill Saline Solution Single

What’s an alternative to Nutrifill?

Many of our patients use Nutrifill to fill the bowl of their scleral lenses. However, there was a recall on the product in June 2021 and Contamac Solutions was recently made aware of a potential issue by its contract manufacturer in the production of Nutrifill Lot #FOE with a use...
What Are Custom Scleral Lenses

What Are Custom Scleral Lenses?

The sMap is such a cool instrument, and it tells us a lot of information. Normal topographers map the corneal surface only, and give little (if any) data about the shape of the sclera. Since scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye (the sclera), it makes sense...
no showering in contacts.jpg

Is It Really That Bad to Sleep or Shower In Contact Lenses?

If you wear contact lenses, you likely appreciate the freedom it provides. But did you know that wearing contact lenses in water or while sleeping can damage your eyes?

Damage to Eye from a Burning Building

Damage to Eye from a Burning Building

Super interesting case from Dr. Schorr from New Eyes! We saw a 19 year old boy for a consultation today. He suffered a trauma from going into a burning building and when he opened the door, the door flew open and the padlock hit him in the right eye. According...

Prosthetic Contact Lens

Prosthetic Contact Lens - A cool case sent over from Dr. Irene Voo! A 73 year old white male was kindly referred to us for a prosthetic contact lens consultation. He has a history of several retinal issues such as branch retinal vein occlusions and epiretinal membranes. He also has...
eye drop droop lids before

Eye Drop For Droopy Eyelids

*Posted with patient permission. Top photo is before Upneeq. Bottom photo is 10 minutes after. Is there an eye drop for droopy eyelids? Until recently, the only way to fix droopy eyelids was surgery. In order to qualify for medical insurance to cover the surgery, you have to fail a...
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Summer 2021 Newsletter

oasis 300×104

Dr. Woos’ Top 10 Eye Drop Recommendations For Contact Lens Wearers

Many of our patients ask about eye drop recommendations. Some of the key things that I consider: Eye Condition(s) Contact Lens Wearer? What type? soft? hard? hybrid? Age What problems are you having and how often? What have you used before (if anything)? If a patient has a medical eye...
Woman Putting in Eye Drops

Can I Use Eye Drops With Scleral Lenses?

 Is it safe to use eye drops while wearing hard lenses or scleral lenses? This is a question we get almost every single day. In general, it is ok to use preservative free artificial tears while you are wearing contact lenses. In some cases, you can use eye drops...
dry eyes 3 640x350.jpg

What Eye Drops Are Best For My Eyes?

Choosing the right eye drops to relieve dry eye syndrome can be a real challenge, as there are several brands and products on the market. Learn all about the types of artificial tears available and start feeling better today.

Can Corneal Transplant Patients Wear Scleral Lenses

Can Corneal Transplant Patients Wear Scleral Lenses?

Can corneal transplant patients wear scleral lenses? We had the pleasure of seeing a kindly referred patient for a specialty contact lens consultation yesterday. This 78 year old white female has a positive ocular history of radial keratotomy (RK) surgery in both eyes in 1990, followed by a corneal transplant...
Can you use scleral lenses for sports vision topoOS 1

Can you use scleral lenses for sports vision?

Topography of keratoconus patient’s right eye Thank you Dr. Jen Burke for your kind referral! Dr. Burke sent a 17 year old patient to use for a corneal consultation. Even though the patient can see 20/20 with glasses, he reports seeing "lines" in his vision when he looks at a...
myopia june 2021 640x350.jpg

Childhood Myopia Is in Crisis Mode on a Global Scale

More and more children are being diagnosed with myopia, a common refractive error associated with developing serious eye diseases later in life, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Find out what myopia is and how to prevent it from progressing

Is there a genetic test for keratoconus laboratory

Is there a genetic test for keratoconus?

Many patients ask us about some of the risk factors for keratoconus. Recently, a new genetic test for keratoconus launched, and we are incredibly excited to offer this service to patients! AvaGen is available to patients wanting to understand their genetic risk factor for keratoconus and other corneal dystrophies. The...
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Sunglasses: Protect Your Peepers

June brings with it, not only the first day of summer, but also National Sunglasses Day.

Contact Lens Options for Corneal Transplant Patients topoos 300×157

Contact Lens Options for Corneal Transplant Patients

A very interesting corneal transplant patient arrived today for a consultation. You can see the double running suture for this corneal transplant patient He had a herpes scar years ago, which led him to a corneal transplant in the left eye in 2018. After the transplant healed, he was fit...
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Multifocal Contact Lenses For People Over 40

Multifocal contact lenses can help people with presbyopia (age-related farsightedness) see clearly, whether focusing on close or distant objects.

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May is Healthy Vision Month

What does that mean for you? It means that now is the time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Find out why.

What is scleral topography sMapOD 1 300×146

What is scleral topography?

The sMap is such a cool instrument, and it tells us a lot of information. Normal topographers map the corneal surface only, and give little (if any) data about the shape of the sclera. Since scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye (the sclera), it makes sense...
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Dry Eyes Constantly In Pain

We had a very interesting patient today! DR is a 63 year old female who was kindly referred by Dr. Hai Tran and Dr. Ksenia Stafeeva for a scleral lens evaluation. She had a blepharoplasty on both eyes a few years ago. This is a very common eyelid procedure in...
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Heartwarming story about a keratoconus patient

Touching stories like these will NEVER get old! We saw a 21 year old boy with keratoconus yesterday for a contact lens fitting. I had originally seen him at my office in Arizona a few months back for an initial consultation, and his father has worked very hard the past...
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Monovision scleral lenses

Monovision scleral lenses We saw a 66 year old male with a history of monovision LASIK OU 20 years ago. In the last few years, he began showing signs of ectasia OU and found about 9D of astigmatism. This is a very high amount of astigmatism! For reference, most soft...
Keratoconus patient sees clearly

Keratoconus patient sees clearly for the first time in years!

Keratoconus patients are so rewarding! A 22 year old female was referred to us from Dr. Wellish. She has keratoconus in both eyes. She had corneal crosslinking in the left eye 3 months ago. She will be getting corneal crosslinking in the right eye next month. She complains of blurry...
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Why Does Bono Always Wear His Signature Shades?

Ever wonder why rock superstar Bono wears sunglasses, even when indoors? It's not due to his "look", but rather is related to managing his glaucoma.

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Lupus patient with extreme dry eye

Thank you Dr. Mallinger for this kind referral. We have 77 yo F with a h/o of lupus erythematosus and severe dry eyes was referred to us for a scleral lens consult. Her current regime for managing her dry eye symptoms included topical steroids, constant instillation of various artificial tears,...
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Is There Hope For Severe Dry Eye Patients?

Such gratitude helping complex patients! Our 62 year old female returned to clinic for a second EyePrint Prosthetic dispense. She suffers from severe glaucoma in both eyes, and only has vision out of the right eye. She also suffers from autoimmune issues and recurrent uveitis in both eyes. Dr. Saboori...
Stevens johnson treatment options 1

Stevens-johnson treatment options

Steven’s-Johnson is a rare, but very serious disease. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (also known as SJS) is unpredictable and can happen to anyone. It is caused by a reaction to a medication or infection. It starts off with flu like symptoms, but then spreads throughout the body in the form of a...
Scleral lenses and eye cancer topography

Scleral lenses and eye cancer

Today we saw a very interesting patient for a consultation from Dr. Emily Schorr! This patient was diagnosed with a scleral melanoma, a rare form of eye cancer on the white part of the eye (called the sclera). She underwent cryotherapy to kill the cancer cells, which was successful. She...
Can Radial Keratotomy patients wear contact lenses

Can Radial Keratotomy patients wear contact lenses?

In our practice, we see MANY radial keratotomy (RK) patients. This case is a true representation of why we do what we do. It’s cases like these that inspired me to create a clinic that is solely dedicated to specialty contact lenses. Helping people achieve vision who thought there was...
Do Scleral Lenses Work for Everyone

Do Scleral Lenses Work for Everyone?

Do scleral lenses work for everyone? Scleral lenses are becoming a very popular contact lens choice for a variety of patients. Scleral lenses have given us the ability to fit even the most complicated eyes. Scleral lenses are also very comfortable compared to other contact lens modalities. Corneal gas permeable...
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What You Should Know About Eye Herpes

Eye herpes can cause several uncomfortable symptoms and recurring flare-ups. In extreme cases, it can lead to blindness. Discover how your eye doctor can help.

Are there treatment options after LASIK

Are there treatment options after LASIK?

We had a very lovely young lady kindly referred to us from Dr. Wellish! This patient suffers from extreme dry eye syndrome. She had LASIK eye surgery performed years ago, and she did quite well until having children. She explained to me that her eyes became very dry, painful and...
scleral lens ring on eye

What is that ring around my eye after removing a scleral lens?

If you have ring on the white part of your eye when you remove your scleral lenses, often called a compression ring, it could be for a variety of reasons. Though you may not think about it while they're on your eye, all types of contact lenses exert pressure and...
Epithelial bogging

Epithelial bogging with scleral lenses

Scleral lens wear can present unique complications not seen with other modalities. During a follow up with one of our scleral lens wear patients, we found this presentation after removing his lenses to assess his corneal health. The patient had been wearing his lenses for about 6 hours and had...
Keratoconus Patient fit into custom scleral lens custom scleral lens 2

Keratoconus Patient fit into custom scleral lens

Thank you Dr. Dadej for your kind referral of your keratoconus patient to our office! This young man was diagnosed with keratoconus about 5 years ago and was fit into hybrid lenses. The hybrid lenses were not comfortable, so he was switched into scleral lenses a few years ago. Hybrid...
what does this topo show

What does this topography show?

Corneal Topography Myth Myth: The red area is small so the eye is not that irregular. Fact: The size of the spot is not always reflective of the severity of the disease. On the left hand side you will see a scale. That color scale corresponds to the different shapes...
corneal transplant 2

Corneal transplant

Thank you Dr. Nyon for your kind referral today! We had the pleasure of seeing a nice patient today who was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. She had a corneal transplant in the left eye over 15 years ago due to an infection in the...
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Sjogren’s patient fit into scleral lenses

A 47 year old female was referred for contact lens evaluation. She was diagnosed with ocular cicatricial pemphigoid and Sjogren's. These two conditions cause the eyes to be incredible red, irritated and dry. She suffers frm extreme dry eye.Her habitual scleral lenses are several years old and feel that they...
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Severe Dry Eye and Scleral Lenses

One of our favorite patients came in for her annual exam for her custom contact lenses. This patient suffers from severe dry eye syndrome. She has had multiple treatments and used multiple eye drops without much relief. Dr. Wellish kindly referred her to me for a specialty contact lens evaluation...
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Annual Newsletter

We are so grateful to be celebrating 1 entire year of serving patients! Contact Lens Institute of Nevada was the vision of Dr. Stephanie Woo. Dr. Woo wanted to create a clinic where patients felt very well taken care of with high quality service, experienced doctors, and unmatched patient care....
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Custom Scleral Lenses Help Physician to See Better

We had the pleasure of seeing our patient back for a Latitude custom scleral lens dispense today. This patient had LASIK surgery years ago, and he had monovision correction. This means that one eye is corrected for distance and one eye is corrected for near. In his case, the right...

Keratoconus patient fit into custom scleral lens

A nice patient was seen today for a specialty contact lens consultation. He was diagnosed with keratoconus 2 years ago at the age of 34 years old. He wore focus daily soft lenses for years, but 2 years ago, he noticed some changes in his vision, which led his optometrist...

Sjogren’s Patient Fit Into Custom Scleral Lenses

We had a very nice patient arrives for her scleral lens follow up this week! This patient was kindly referred by Dr. Stafeeva from New Eyes for a scleral lens refit. This patient has ocular pemphigoid and severe dry eyes. She also suffers from a condition called Sjögren’s syndrome. Patients...
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Are You Susceptible To Vision Loss?

Many factors contribute to vision loss, some of which may even be relevant to you. Read on to learn what puts a person at risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases, and discover what an eye doctor can do to help.


Orthokeratology Patient

We’ve had the privilege of managing this amazing 6 year old, fit into Orthokeratology lenses for a few weeks now. She was referred to us for Myopia Control due to her Rx: -8.75-2.50x009 (20/25) in the right eye and -5.75-2.25x170 (20/20) in the left eye. Her baseline axial length is...
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EyePrint Prosthetic And Glaucoma

Very exciting and fun case today! We saw a very special glaucoma patient today. Patient's history: She has always had good eyes and never any eye issues until a few years ago. She was diagnosed with glaucoma, and was put onto eye drops, but her condition quickly declined. The left...
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How Sleep Apnea Affects The Eyes

Sleep apnea is associated with high blood pressure and heart failure; it also causes eye-related issues. Find out how your eye condition may be linked to sleep apnea.


Monocular scleral lens patient refit into new scleral lens

Interesting case today sent by Dr. Malik. 56 year old black male with a history of keratoconus in the right eye. The left eye has been blind since birth, due to toxoplasmosis. When a patient only has vision in one eye, the case becomes a lot more complicated, because if...

What Are Scleral Lenses And How Can They Help Me?

Join Dr. Woo and Dr. Morrison as they present a webinar specifically for patients. In this webinar, they discuss what scleral lenses are, and how they differ from other types of contact lenses. They also review some of the most exciting technology on the market, and highlight some of the...

Glaucoma patient with extreme dry eyes

A very nice patient with an incredibly long history was referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. About 5 years ago she noticed her vision was declining, and ended up being diagnosed with glaucoma. She also developed visually significant cataracts, which were removed. She's also developed severe dry...
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What You Should Know About Night Blindness

Night blindness is not an eye disease. It’s a symptom of several conditions that can range from mild to severe. Learn more about night blindness and discover ways we can help.

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Corneal Transplant Patient sees 20/25 with a Scleral Lens

Today we saw a patient kindly referred by Dr. Ochiltree from Mohave Eye Center. A 69 year old white male arrived to our clinic for a contact lens consultation. He has a full thickness corneal transplant in each eye from keratoconus. He wears spectacle glasses, however, he was looking to...
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Keratoconus patient sees 20/20 far and near

 49 year old black female was referred for a scleral lens fit and considering trying monovision for the first time. Her left eye has mild to moderate keratoconus and already had corneal crosslinking. Her right eye was only mildly suspicious for keratoconus. We fit her into the Ampleye scleral lens...
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Are Contact Lenses Safe For Young Children?

It may surprise you to learn that contact lenses can be safely worn by children aged 8 and over. Read on to learn more about contact lenses for the younger demographic.

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Full narration of “Keratoconus Treatment Options”

In case you prefer reading a narration of our video for keratoconus patients, here is the entire transcription! [Naomi] Hello, everyone! And good evening! Thank you for tuning into our presentation "Keratoconus. What's next?" My name is Naomi Anderson. I am the product manager for ScanFitPRO here at EyePrint Prosthetics,...

Radial Keratotomy Patient With Scleral Lenses

We recently had our first follow up with our 53 yo M with a history of RK in both eyes (right eye had 8 cuts and left eye had 16 cuts) since we dispensed his Ampleye Lenses. Radial Keratotomy (RK) is a type of eye surgery that was performed in...
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6 Common Myths About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases causing damage to the optic nerve that can lead to vision loss or blindness. While there is a lot of information out there on glaucoma, there are also many misconceptions. Read on to learn to discover the REAL facts.


What are cataracts?

What Cataracts Are Hi, everyone! It's Dr. Stephanie Woo with the Contact Lens Institute of Nevada, and today I'm just answering a question on what a cataract is. You may have heard from friends or family that have had cataract surgery it is a very, very common procedure that is...

What Is The Cornea? What Is Keratoconus?

Hi, everyone! It's Dr. Stephanie Woo with the Contact Lens Institute of Nevada, and today I just wanted to answer a question that one of my keratoconus patients had on what causes keratoconus and what part of the eye does it affect. So I brought my little eye model in...

Contact lenses for high astigmatism

We saw our Latitude scleral lens patient today for his dispense and insertion/removal training. He is a 35 year old white male and he has regular astigmatism, but a large amount (over 5 diopters in the left eye). He's tried many different contact lenses in the past, but he complains...

Corneal Transplant Patient Fit With Custom Scleral Lens

We had the pleasure of seeing one of our keratoconus patients today for a specialty contact lens fitting for his right eye. This patient has advanced keratoconus in both eyes. Last year, Dr. Stafeeva performed a corneal transplant on the right eye due to the advanced keratoconus disease. Many patients...

Scleral lens and red eyes

Saw one of our OneFit scleral lens patients today for a follow up visit. This patient has an extremely high spectacle Rx (over -26.00 Diopters), and he has worn corneal gas permeable lenses with an orthokeratology type fitting appearance for the past few years. We decided to refit him into...

Corneal Transplant and Aniridia

Saw one of our favorite patients today! We fit her right eye with a custom scleral multifocal (this eye is normal), and we've been patiently waiting for her left eye to heal up from her most recent corneal transplant. Her left eye suffered a trauma, which resulted in multiple surgeries...

Airline pilot with keratoconus

We had the pleasure of seeing a white female patient for a contact lens consultation. She has a history of hard contact lens and gas permeable lens wear for the past 35 years. She originally wore orthokeratology lenses, but once she was diagnosed with keratoconus, she was switched into a...
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The Importance of Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and even eye damage. During a contact lens exam, your eye doctor will perform various tests to ensure you get the right prescription and the proper fit.


Retinopathy of Prematurity patient has improved vision with a scleral lens

We saw a very interesting referral today from Wellish Vision Institute! A 35 year old male was referred to us to see if a specialty contact lens could improve his vision. He suffers from complications from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). ROP can happen in patients who are born prematurely, hence...

Radial keratotomy patient has drastic vision improvement with scleral lenses

We had the pleasure of seeing one of our patients back for a scleral lens fitting today! We had previously seen this patient in July of this year. He was kindly referred by Dr. Stafeeva for a specialty contact lens consultation. He had radial keratotomy surgery (RK surgery) many years...
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Comfortable Keratoconus Contacts

We had a nice consultation for a patient who has keratoconus in each eye today! This keratoconus patient noticed that his vision has declined over the past few months and is in search of a contact lens option to help him see better. He does have a history of hybrid...
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Patient With Radial Keratotomy Finds Improvement In Vision With Scleral Lenses

A very nice 79 year old male presented to our office last week from a referral from his ophthalmologist. He has a history of glaucoma, radial keratotomy (RK) surgery, and cataract surgery. He also has a trabeculectomy on the left eye (a surgery performed on patients with severe glaucoma). His...

Keratoconus patient with scar tissue achieves 20/40 vision!

We had a very pleasant patient with keratoconus kindly referred to our office for a specialty contact lens consultation. He's had keratoconus for years, and over time, he has developed corneal scars in both eyes. The right eye scar is much more dense and central than the left eye. Due...
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8 Ways Your Eyes Change With Age

The older one gets, the more the eye changes and the higher the risk of developing sight-threatening conditions. Learn about why middle-aged people need reading glasses and when to visit the eye doctor.

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Protect Your Eyes From Vision Loss: Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetic retinopathy is a potentially sight-threatening condition caused by high blood sugar levels in diabetics. Fortunately, your eye doctor can advise on how to manage and reduce the risk of developing it.


Keratoconus patient fit with Ampleye Scleral Lens

18 year old male was referred to our clinic for a scleral lens fit to improve his vision. He was diagnosed with Keratoconus in both eyes two years ago. The first symptoms he noticed was blurry vision that did not improve with glasses. He wore Corneal Gas Permeable lenses which...
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New To Contact Lenses? Here Are Our Top 5 Tips!

If you or your child is new to wearing contact lenses, read our Top 5 Tips to make the adjustment easier.


Keratoconus patient goes from 20/100 to 20/40 to 20/25+ in just a few weeks!

39 year old hispanic male was referred for dry eye in his right eye. He has a history of keratoconus in both eyes. He had corneal crosslinking performed in the right eye only. He has punctal plugs and uses preservative free artificial tears every hour with mild improvement. His current...

Intacs patient helped with scleral lens

This patient had LASIK years ago and then developed something called Keratoconus. Keratoconus is an eye diseases in which the shape of your eye steepens and thins over time. The result is highly distorted and blurred vision. She then had small plastic rings called Intacs inserted into her eye to...
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EyePrint Prosthetic For Keratoconus Patient

Thank you Dr. Malik for your kind referral! A 23 year old white male with Keratoconus was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. With his glasses, he could achieve 20/400 in the right eye and 20/40 with ghosting and double vision in the left eye. His...

Scleral Lenses Help Dry Eye Patient

Thank you Dr. Landin for this kind referral 36 yo HF who has a history of PRK at age 15 and reports that it may have resulted in a scar OS and dry eyes. She prefers soft CL wear over glasses but feels discomfort with the lenses due to her...

Keratoconus patient fit into EyePrint Prosthetic

Thank you Dr. Malik for your kind referral! A 23 year old white male with Keratoconus was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. With his glasses, he could achieve 20/400 in the right eye and 20/40 with ghosting and double vision in the left eye. His...
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Keratoconus patient switched from corneal gas permeable lenses to scleral contact lenses

Kind referral of a Keratoconus patient from Dr. Starlin! ▪️Keratoconus patient who has been wearing corneal GP lenses for the past 20+ years. ▪️His vision has been great over the years, as well as comfort, but over the past 3 years he has noticed that the lenses keep dislodging from...

Severe Keratoconus In One Eye

We had the pleasure of seeing a lovely patient for a keratoconus consultation. She was diagnosed with keratoconus in the left eye about 6-7 years ago by an eye doctor in Kansas. The doctor attempted a corneal gas permeable lens fit for the left eye, but she could not wear...
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5 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses In The Fall

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. Why not, you ask? Read on to find out why sunglasses are just as much “fall wear” as jackets are.

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The Best Foods for Your Eyes

Consuming certain vitamins and nutrients can support your eye health and potentially ward off serious eye diseases and conditions. Read on to find out more!

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Orthokeratology patient (myopia control)

Orthokeratology is a special type of contact lens which reshapes the eye while you are sleeping. This lens not only corrects your vision, but it helps to slow down myopia progression. It is called myopia management or myopia control too. Special contact lenses are designed based on the shape of...
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How Can My Child’s Myopia Be Corrected?

Myopia or nearsightedness is most commonly corrected with prescription glasses or contact lenses. As children grow, their prescription often gets stronger. Fortunately, glasses and contacts can help your child see clearly for increased success and happiness.

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Are Floaters and Flashes Dangerous?

Eye floaters are usually normal. But what causes them and when do they indicate a serious eye problem that needs emergency eye care?


Corneal Transplant Patient Fit With Gas Permeable Contact Lens

Kind referral of a corneal transplant patient from Dr. Shibiyama from UCLA/Jules Stein! Older gentleman with a history of keratoconus in each eye. He had bilateral transplants back in the 1970's and 1980's and they held up for quite some time! He also has a history of glaucoma with bleb...

Keratoconus Patient Fit With Scleral Lens

Thank you Dr. Ortiz for your kind referral of this keratoconus/dry eye patient! This patient suffers from a corneal transplant as well as a pterygium A hispanic male presented to the office for a contact lens consult. He was diagnosed with keratoconus years ago, by another eye doctor. Keratoconus is...
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Tips to Relax Your Eyes

Driving long distances, prolonged screen time and even reading can cause eye strain symptoms like headaches and blurry vision. Here are some eye exercises that can help you relax your eyes and find relief.


Keratoconus patient scleral lens follow up

Great one month scleral lens follow up today! Our keratoconus patient was fit into the Latitude custom scleral lens in the right eye after cross linking. At his follow up, he reports excellent vision, improved computer vision, and he is having scleral lens insertion success with the dalsey adaptives see...

High myopia patient fit into scleral contact lens

Thank you Dr. Isozaki for sending us this fun case! 34 year old Asian male was seen at UCLA by my good friend and classmate, Dr. Veronica Isozaki. He has a long history of corneal gas permeable lens wear, since he was about 10 years old. After a very thorough case...

Young keratoconus patient tries scleral lens

We completed a scleral lens fitting on a great 19 year old boy with Keratoconus! ▪️He was originally fit with a piggyback system (soft contact lens with a corneal gas permeable lens on top) and had to wear glasses on top. ▪️He had corneal cross linking surgery on the right...

Keratoconus Patient Changed From Gas Permeable Lens To Scleral Lens

Kind referral of a Keratoconus patient from Dr. Starlin! ▪️Keratoconus patient who has been wearing corneal GP lenses for the past 20+ years. ▪️His vision has been great over the years, as well as comfort, but over the past 3 years he has noticed that the lenses keep dislodging from...
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Keratoconus patient scleral lens fitting

A young Keratoconus patient was kindly referred to us by Dr. Casey at NVision. He was diagnosed with Keratoconus a few years ago and was fit into Europa scleral lenses by another eye doctor. He claimed that his vision was great with the lenses but the lenses hurt a lot....
Foggy Glasses Mask 650x350.jpg

How To Prevent “Mask Fog” on Your Glasses

If you wear glasses and a face mask, you’ve probably struggled with “mask fog.”  Your lenses get all misty, requiring you to wipe your eyewear throughout the day. Below are a few strategies to help you prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. But First, Why Do...
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Why You Regularly Need to Replace Your Sunglasses

To get maximal eye protection from your sunglasses, consider replacing them every two years, according to a study conducted in Brazil. Over time, protective UV coatings become less effective.


What to expect during a scleral lens fitting

What to expect during a scleral lens fitting: Full video on YouTube: ▪️Your Doctor will take several images and measurements to determine the best lens for your eye. ▪️Then, a series of scleral lenses may be placed on the eye. ▪️The Doctor will evaluate the fit with the microscope...

Scleral Multifocal Follow Up

Our 55 year old scleral multifocal patient arrived for her follow up today. ▪️As a refresher, she is a post LASIK patient with dry eyes and seeking a multifocal option. She has high demands at intermediate and near. ▪️She states her right eye feels uncomfortable near the superior temporal area...
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What Do You Do If Your Scleral Lens Is Stuck On Your Eye

How do I remove my scleral lens if it is stuck? First, make sure the small plunger is toward the periphery of the lens, not directly in the center of your eye. If the plunger is in the center of your eye, it will be difficult to remove. You can...
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Orthokeratology visit

Cutest patient of the day! Miss Adrienne is getting Orthokeratology, a special type of contact lens that reshapes your eye while you sleep! Simply remove the contact lenses in the morning and enjoy clear vision all day! 🤯Orthokeratology can also help slow the progression of myopia or nearsightedness. This is...
dalsey+adaptives crop

Scleral Lens Stand Helps With Insertion

Do you have EXTREME difficulty inserting your scleral lens? Patients having difficulty inserting their scleral lenses with traditional devices may consider using a scleral lens stand. Place your scleral lens on the plunger, which will be held up with a stand. This allows full control of your eyelids from both...
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Don’t Do These 11 Things If You Wear Daily Disposable Contacts!

Countless people around the world wear daily disposable contact lenses or dailies. These popular single-use lenses are removed and discarded at the end of each day, and a new, fresh pair is inserted the next morning. Used properly, dailies promote eye health, and they’re comfortable and convenient.   Despite the...

Temporally displaced pupil

Awesome complex case referred by Dr. Wellish! - 71 year old male referred for specialty contact lens evaluation. - History of cataract surgery 20 years ago and the right eye went well, but the left eye suffered complications. There were some corneal and iris issues that took an incredibly long time...

Eyeprint prosthetic case

Awesome patient referral from Dr. Murphy from @eyediologylv - 69 year old male who suffered an eye trauma to the left eye over 30 years ago. - The trauma involved a nail gun, and ultimately led to a corneal perforation, and dislocation of capsular bag and zonules. - He ended up...

What is the Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT machine)

What is ocular coherence tomography (OCT)? The OCT instrument is used for a variety of eye issues. OCT instruments with posterior segment capabilities help to diagnose and manage conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other retinal disorders. Anterior segment capabilities help doctors check the front surface of the eye,...

Scleral lens insertion with a dental ring

You can insert a scleral contact lens with an o ring, or dental ring (orthodontic band) ▪️For patients who have difficulty using a plunger to insert their scleral lens, the use of an o ring or orthodontic band can be helpful. ▪️Simply place the O ring or orthodontic band on...

What is my doctor looking at?

When your doctor uses this machine (called a slit lamp), they are evaluting your eye under different amounts of magnification. This machine is similar to a microscope that you used in school, but just turned on its side. There are different levels of magification, along with different color filters. There...
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Keratoconus patient and scleral lens

Another great referral from @wellishvisioninstitute! ▪️Young Hispanic female with Keratoconus presented for a scleral lens consultation. ▪️She had corneal crosslinking with Dr. Wellish in January 2020 for the right eye and early June 2020 for the left eye. ▪️Both corneas show steeping and central striae. ▪️She doesn’t currently use any...

Custom scleral multifocal

Fun case referred by Dr. Wright! ▪️RK patient with dry eyes wanting to find out contact lens options. ▪️She currently wears progressive spectacles, however her nose was broken during her time in the military, and glasses become uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. ▪️We reviewed all of her options,...
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Higher order aberration scleral lens

Really fun and exciting case today! I had a keratoconus patient present to the clinic today. I diagnosed him with keratoconus 2 years ago, then sent him to Dr. Wellish for cross linking, and then Dr. Wellish sent him back to me for a scleral lens fit. He was then...

Scleral lens insertion with the ezi ring

How the EZ I ring can help you insert your scleral or hybrid lens. ▪️The EZI applicator is a great product that I discovered during my Contact Lens Residency. The company gave us some free samples to try on patients. ▪️Dr. Ed Bennet and I conducted a study at the...
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Will I go blind from keratoconus?

Keratoconus can be a scary condition, and many patients are worried that they are going to blind from this disease. Keratoconus is a progressive condition, meaning that is does continue to advance or worsen over time. The good news is there are new medical procedures such as corneal cross linking, and...
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Radial keratotomy and scleraL lenses

Update on our 79 year old patient! ▪️If you recall, our RK patient (with moderate cataracts OU and sutures OD) returned for her 2 week follow up after her dispense. ▪️With her Latitude custom scleral lenses, she was able to achieve 20/25- in the right eye and 20/20- in the...

How long will it take to get used to scleral lenses?

▪️Scleral lenses are quite comfortable, even right off the bat. ▪️The comfort is a key reason many doctors and patients choose to use them. ▪️When you insert scleral lenses, you will notice they are quite comfortable. You still might have a small foreign body sensation, but that is normal. ▪️As...

How to remove a hybrid contact lens

▪️It is important to know that removing a hybrid lens is much different than removing a soft contact lens or a hard contact lens. ▪️The lens may be removed at the inferior portion of the soft lens, near the 6:00 area. ▪️Place your thumb and index finger together and pinch...

Sclerals help patients with dry eye and LASIK scarring

A 65 year old patient was referred to me by Dr. Harvey Ohriner and Dr. Landin from The Eyecare Center in Las Vegas. She has LASIK in both eyes over 20 years ago, and states the right eye did not go smoothly. She suffers from extreme dry eye, and she is...

How long can I wear scleral lenses?

▪️Many scleral lens patients are able to wear their lenses comfortably all day. Sometimes 12-16 hours per day. ▪️It is highly recommended to always remove your scleral lenses at night to allow your eyes to rest and breathe. ▪️Some patients have complicated ocular conditions in which their eyes cannot support...

How to insert a scleral lens with a plunger

▪️Place your scleral lens in the middle of the plunger to balance it. ▪️Next, fill the lens with non preserved saline. ▪️Then, use your other hand to control your eyelids. ▪️Tuck your chin toward your chest and look toward the floor. ▪️Bring the plunger toward your eye and insert your...
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How To Remove A Hard Contact Lens

How to remove a gas permeable lens. ▪️There are a few different methods used to remove a gas permeable lens. ▪️First, there is the pull and blink method. Simply open your eye wide, then pull at the skin at the edge of your eyelid, and blink. The lens should pop...

Do you ever experience fogging with your scleral lenses?

Fogging can be from a variety of factors. Fogging can be a result of tear film instability, dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, debris within the tear chamber of the lens, too much liquid in the tear chamber, or poor fit of a scleral lens. If the fogging is due to...
Kalwitz Bonnie+OS+photo+8.21.19

What is the difference between a hard contact lens and a gas permeable lens?

▪️Hard contact lenses were the first type of lenses invented, and they were made out of a material called PMMA (the same type of plastic on the handles of screwdrivers). ▪️Doctors started noticing issues with eye health, because there was no oxygen getting to the cornea. ▪️Next came the invention...
online eye test 640x350.jpg

Why You Should Avoid Online Eye Tests

An online eye exam is an automated and interactive vision test that claims to measure mainly visual acuity. It may seem like a convenient way to evaluate your vision or get an eyeglass or contact lens prescription, as these tests can be administered using your computer, tablet, or smartphone from...
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How often should you replace your contact lens case?

▪️Your contact lens should be discarded and replaced around every 90-100 days, or per your doctor’s instruction. ▪️Most manufacturers of contact lens solution recommend that the case is thrown away every 90-100 days. ▪️Typically, every time you purchase a new bottle of contact lenses solution, it will come with a...
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How to care for your contact lens case

Caring for your contact lens case is easy.

Be sure to discard the used contact lens solution, then clean your case as recommended by the manufacturer. You can also use alcohol to clean the case and any contact lens devices. Allow to air dry.

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What Will Optometry Practices Look Like Post-COVID?

COVID-19’s rapid sweep across the country has forced optical practices to make rapid clinical management decisions. Some optometrists temporarily shuttered their businesses due to the pandemic, while others began to offer emergency appointment services and telehealth.  As mandatory restrictions begin to lift in many locations, optometrists are beginning to open...

What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disease where the front part of your eye (called the cornea) starts to thin and steepen. As a result, your vision becomes distorted and you may not be able to see clearly with standard glasses or contacts. We don’t know what causes Keratoconus, but we do...
covid er pic.jpg

Why You Shouldn’t Visit the ER for Eye Emergencies During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been going above and beyond to ensure that people are receiving emergency eye care. If you're having an eye emergency call your Las Vegas optometrist first.

corona blue light 4983590 640.jpg

COVID-19: Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Screen Time

You and your children are likely spending more time on mobile devices and computer screens than ever before. Too much time spent staring at screens can cause computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain, in certain people. While not serious, this condition can be very uncomfortable, potentially causing: Headaches Eyestrain...
cleaning glasses 640x350.jpg

How to Disinfect Glasses to Help Prevent COVID-19

Coronavirus and Your Eyeglasses It may surprise many that our glasses (this includes the lenses and the frame) can potentially transfer viruses, such as COVID-19, to our eyes, nose, and mouth. This is because viruses — as well as bacteria —  are easily transferred from the environment to our hands...
covid 19 handwash 640x350.jpg

Coronavirus and Your Eyes – What You Should Know

As coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the world, health professionals are demanding that people limit their personal risk of contracting the virus by thoroughly washing their hands, practicing social distancing, and not touching their nose, mouth, or eyes. In fact, it may surprise you to learn that the eyes play an...
coronavirus image 640.jpg

Visiting Your Optometrist During COVID-19

Is your eye doctor's appointment coming up? Are you worried about going to the eye clinic during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Rest assured, keeping our patients and staff are safe is our top priority.  We anticipate that this outbreak will continue for a while, and do not want our...
obesity and eyes 640x350.jpg

Does Obesity Impact Eye Health?

Nation-wide awareness about the vast dangers of obesity is at an all-time high, with TV shows like “The Biggest Loser” and health initiatives such as Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign shining a spotlight on the importance of fitness and good nutrition. However, despite the public’s knowledge of obesity’s effects on...
sunburned eyes 640x350.jpg

Sunburned Eyes? Beware of Snow Blindness!

Playing outside in a snowy winter wonderland can be magical. Under clear skies in the sunshine, the soft white landscape becomes just about irresistible, whether at home or travelling on a winter-weather get-away.  Before you let your children run outside to build the most adorable snowman or fling themselves onto...
Diabetes 2 640x350.jpg

3 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Vision and Eyes

Did you know that people with diabetes are 20 times more likely to get eye diseases than those without it? There are three major eye conditions that diabetics are at risk for developing: cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. To prevent these sight-threatening diseases, it's important to control your blood sugar...
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Your Eyes Are the Windows to Your Health

Your eyes aren't just the windows to your soul — they can also reveal valuable information about your general health beyond whether you need glasses, including: diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. It is not unusual for people to come in for an eye exam just to check their eyesight...
smoking harms eyes 640x350.jpg

How Smoking Impacts Vision

Smoking harms nearly every system in your body — including your eyes.  Though we are all aware of the health effects associated with smoking, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and bad teeth, few know about the negative impact it can have on our vision.  Smoking and Eye Disease  Smoking,...
Contact case 640x350.jpg

Here’s Why Hydrogen Peroxide is an Excellent Contact Lens Solution

Once you and your doctor have decided on the type of contact lenses you'll need, it's time to choose the most suitable contact lens solution for your eyes and contacts.  There exist 2 different types of solution for contact lenses: Multipurpose and Hydrogen Peroxide-based. While both remove debris and build-up,...
Contact lenses smart habits 640x350.jpg

Smart Hygiene Habits to Care for Your Contact Lenses

Swimming in a pool with your contacts on or topping off your solution may seem harmless, but they could compromise your contact lenses and your vision. Below are daily habits to adopt for optimal contact lens care: Wash Your Hands Regularly Whether you use daily or monthly contact lenses, make...
Foggy Glasses 640x350.jpg

How to Keep Glasses from Getting Foggy

Whether you live in a cold climate or have visited one in the winter, you have probably seen someone who just walked in from the cold outdoors sporting glasses that are no longer transparent, or perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself. Why Do Glasses Fog Up? There are several factors that...
healthy eyes 650x350.jpg

12 Tips for Optimal Eye Health

Good Eye Care Habits & Hygiene By practicing good eye care habits and hygiene, you can prevent many vision problems from occurring. Eye problems and the risks associated with vision loss only grow as you age. By neglecting eye care, you place yourself at a higher risk of suffering from...
Contact Lenses Halloween 640x350.jpg

Wearing Colored Contact Lenses This Halloween? Beware and Take Care!

Countless adults, teens and even children will be wearing colored contact lenses this Halloween, but few are aware of the risks involved. Ever wondered what those cat-eye contacts are doing to your eyes? If you got them without a prescription, beware of health complications. Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween...
Sports Related Eye Injuries 640x350.jpg

Sports-Related Eye Injuries

September Is Sports Eye Safety Month! Ocular sports trauma is among the leading causes of permanent vision loss in North America. Tens of thousands of people get treated for sports-related eye injuries a year, with the most common injuries occurring during water sports and basketball. Infections, corneal abrasions, eye socket...
summer heat wave  640x350.jpg

Summer Heat Wave and Your Eyes

This summer, heat waves with scorching temperatures have hit communities nationwide, making an already hot summer even hotter. With high temps and heat waves in certain areas, it’s now more important than ever to protect yourself. For best practices and tips for maintaining healthy vision in the summer heat, talk...
UV protection 640x350.jpg

UV Safety Awareness Month

July is UV Safety Awareness Month, and no wonder! With the summer sun out in full force, it’s now more important than ever to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. During this month, people who have suffered from UV ray damage and their loved ones are encouraged to share...

How to Remove a Scleral Lens

Here is a video showing you how to insert and remove scleral lenses....
ultra voilet protection 640x350.jpg

Top 4 Eyecare Tips for Summer Vacation

This summer, whether you're headed across state lines on a family road trip, flying off to Europe, grabbing a quick weekend getaway, or taking a vacation in your own backyard, don't forget to protect your eyes! Summer Eye Care Near You Check out our top 4 tips for ensuring healthy...
cataracts awareness 640x350.jpg

Cataract Awareness Month

June is Cataract Awareness Month. During this important time, people living with cataracts (and their loved ones) are encouraged to talk about their personal experiences by giving each other helpful information and sharing their knowledge and advice. Use the hashtag #CataractAwarenessMonth on your social media channels to encourage and support...
child doesnt want glasses 640x350 6.jpg

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear Glasses!

Do your kids need glasses in order to see clearly? Maybe they have a strong case of nearsightedness, perhaps they have astigmatism, or another type of refractive error. Whatever the cause, getting your kids to wear eyeglasses can be a parenting challenge. Dr. Stephanie Woo treats patients from all over Las...
mental health vision 640x350.jpg

Mental Health and Your Vision

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the USA; in Canada, Mental Health week is May 6th to 12th. Since 1949, it has been observed throughout the United States as a way of drawing attention to the importance of proper mental health. This year’s theme is #4Mind4Body. The idea is...

How to Insert Scleral lenses

Scleral lenses can be inserted with different methods. This is a very helpful video that many of my patients watch so they know how to insert, remove, and care for their scleral lenses....
family selfie parkinson 640x350.jpg

Parkinson’s Awareness Month and Your Vision

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month in the USA and Canada, a time when those living with the disorder, their family members, friends, and community come together to raise awareness and share helpful information. People with Parkinson's Disease (PD) and their loved ones are encouraged to share their stories, struggles, and...
Allergies 640x350.jpg

Top 5 Tips for Managing Eye Allergies This Spring

Spring is a season of new beginnings, when the cold harsh winter months are behind us, flowers bloom, and people begin spending more time outdoors. For people with allergies, spring means one more thing: suffering. Spring may be in the air, but for allergy sufferers, so is pollen, pet dander,...
Women Vision 640x350.jpg

Women’s Health and Your Vision

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day when women are honored and their accomplishments celebrated worldwide. From medicine to law, entrepreneurship to corporate leadership, education to the military, women are achieving great strides in areas of business like never before. In addition to professional achievements, International Women's Day is...
Household Cleaning 640x350.jpg

What’s in Your Household Cleaning Supplies?

Most of us have the basics: bleach, oven cleaner, air freshener, furniture polish, and window spray. Did you know that chemicals found in these kinds of cleaning products can be toxic and harmful to your health? In small amounts, they generally don’t cause much damage. But when used on a...
SchoolPencils 640x350.jpg

School and Vision: 2 Important Partners

It’s February and that means we’re smack in the middle of winter, which is also the middle of the school year. It’s the season when kids fervently hope for snow days and parents hope they don’t happen. As we head towards the second half of the school year, you’ve probably...
glaucoma 640x350.jpg

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma – The Sneak Thief of Sight

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma, a silent eye disease, is the most common form of irreversible blindness in the world. It is actually a group of diseases that causes progressive damage to the optic nerve.  Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that can lead to...
Braille 640x350.jpg

World Braille Day 2019

Each year during the month of January we recognize World Braille Day which gives us the opportunity to take a moment and appreciate the incredible gift that Braille has given to those who are blind or suffer from vision loss.  What is Braille? Braille is a tactile representation of letters...
nerf gun 2 640x350.jpg

Are Nerf Guns a Dangerous Holiday Present?

Nerf Guns: Popular, Projectile... Safe? With the newest Nerf guns and blasters reigning at the top of lists for the most popular toys this holiday season, many parents are excited to surprise their kids (or their spouses) with these coveted toy weapons. There is, in fact a whole culture behind these...
dry eyes droplet  250x376.jpg

8 Tips to Relieve Winter Dry Eyes

Whether you live in a climate with cold winter weather or you are planning a ski trip up north, winter can be a challenge if you suffer from dry eyes. Dry, cool air, cold winds and even drier indoor heating can cause eye irritation, burning, itchiness and redness, and sometimes...

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Diabetes is becoming much more prevalent around the globe. According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 425 million adults were living with diabetes in the year 2017 and 352 million more people were at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. By 2045 the number of people diagnosed is expected to...

Have an Eye Safe Halloween

Brush Up Before You Dress Up Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for children and adults alike. When else do you get to dress up as anyone (or anything) you want, socialize with friends and eat lots of treats? Nevertheless, lurking behind those costumes and...

Exercise and Your Eye Health

Regular exercise is an essential component of overall health and wellness. It is proven that exercise reduces sickness and disease; it increases strength, immunity, and mental health; and it also helps regulate bodily functions and maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that exercise can lower our risk of chronic conditions...

Is Too Much Screen Time Dangerous For Your Kids?

Screen Time Pros and Cons Whether it is homework, email, gaming, chatting with friends, searching the web or watching Youtube, kids these days seem to have an endless number of reasons to be glued to a screen. Many parents out there are wondering how bad this can be for their...

Healthy Aging for the Eyes

Getting old doesn’t have to be synonymous with vision loss. There is a lot you can do to keep your eyes and vision healthy and prevent age related eye disease and vision loss, especially if you start early. Keeping your eyes healthy and strong may require some lifestyle changes, but...

Progressive Myopia: When Your Child’s Vision Keeps Getting Worse

What Is Progressive Myopia? Nearsightedness or myopia is one of the most prevalent eye disorders worldwide and its incidence is increasing. In fact by 2050, myopia is projected to affect half of the world’s population! Many children diagnosed with nearsightedness (myopia) experience a consistent worsening of their vision as they...

The Dangers of An Online Eye Test

An online eye test may seem like a convenient way to check your vision or get an eyeglass prescription but beware, these tests aren’t all they are chocked up to be. In fact, they may even be dangerous.  What is an online eye test really testing?  An online eye test...

Signs That Your Child Has a Vision Problem

Healthy eyes and good vision are essential for your child’s growth and development. In fact, learning is 80% visual, which means a child’s success in school, athletics and many other aspects of life can be impacted by poor vision. Good vision goes beyond how far you can see, and also...

Eye Dangers in the Dorm – Eye Health for College Students

It’s almost back to school time for college students and whether this is your first time away from home or you are already a pro, you want to be prepared with as much knowledge as possible to live safely on your own. This knowledge includes eye and vision safety, as...

Why You Shouldn’t Rub Your Eyes

While it may seem like a harmless action, rubbing your eyes can actually cause a lot of damage. There are a number of different reasons that people rub their eyes and for the most part, it does more harm than good. While rubbing your eyes might feel really good in...

Ocular Migraines

Migraine Awareness Month: An ocular migraine is any migraine headache that involves a visual disturbance such as flashes of light, seeing stars or zigzags or the appearance of blind spots in the visual field. Ocular migraines can interfere with your ability to go about your daily tasks such as driving,...

How-to Guide for Buying Sunglasses

Sure, sunglasses might add the final touches to your chic ensemble, but the real reason to purchase your shades is to protect your eyes from the sun. Not only does glare from the sun make it difficult to see, but the UV rays it reflects can cause permanent damage to...

7 Eye Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

While we all know that regular eye exams can help detect warning signs of disease and prevent vision loss, many people fail to seek medical attention when there is an acute problem with the eye. In fact, only about half of Americans that are at risk for serious vision loss...

Women’s Eye Health – 7 Tips for Optimal Vision for Life

April is Women’s Eye Health Month in the USA and May is Healthy Vision month in Canada too, so let’s take the opportunity to look at some tips for maintaining eye and vision health, with a special focus on women.  Statistically, women are more at risk than men for eye...

Ultraviolet Light and your Eyes

If you want strong, healthy eyes and clear vision for life, a major step you can take is to protect your eyes from UV radiation.  Wearing proper eye protection from the sun reduces the risk of a number of eye diseases and other conditions that are caused or worsened by...

Should I Be Concerned When My Eyelid Twitches?

We all experience the occasional eyelid twitch, which is when the muscle of the eyelid spasms involuntarily. Usually, it comes and goes without intervention and while sure, it can be irritating, is a twitching eyelid ever something to be concerned about? An eyelid twitch, also known as a myokymia, can...

Signs of Eye and Vision Problems in Infants

Infant Eyesight Despite nine months of growth in utero, babies are not born with fully developed eyes and vision - just like they can't walk or talk yet. Over the first few months of life, their visual systems continue to progress, stimulated by their surroundings. Babies will develop the ability...

AMD Awareness Could Save Your Vision

It’s that time of the year again. Each February, the optometric community bands together to create awareness about age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a leading cause of vision loss for people 50 years and older; early detection plays a key role in the outcome of the disease. That’s why...

Trouble Seeing at Night? All About Night Blindness

At this time of year when the sun sets early, many people are affected by night blindness. Night blindness or nyctalopia refers to difficulty seeing at night or in poor or dim lighting situations. It can be caused by a number of underlying conditions, sometimes completely benign and sometimes as a...

The Sneak Thief of Sight

It’s that time of year again. January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, a time set aside each year to create awareness about this potentially devastating disease. The reason awareness about glaucoma is so important is because as its nickname, The Sneak Thief of Sight, describes, the disease often causes permanent...

Don’t Let Snow Blindness Ruin Your Winter Vacation

While most people have sunglasses high on their packing list for a tropical vacation, many people don’t consider it as much of a priority for colder climate getaways. But they should, and here’s why: Wintertime vacations often include activities that involve snow and ice and in general, conditions that can...

6 Crazy Holiday Eye Injuries to Avoid

As the season to deck the halls arrives, make sure that you aren’t one of the many people who find themselves celebrating in the urgent care clinic due to an eye injury. The holidays present many opportunities for potential eye injury so it’s important to be aware and proceed with...

10 Eye Healthy Foods to Eat This Year

The New Year is coming and many people include healthier eating and exercise in their resolutions for the year ahead. Well other than weight loss and overall health and disease-prevention, a healthy diet and regular exercise can protect your eyes and your vision. In particular, there are certain vitamins and...

Women and Diabetes – World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. This year, the theme of World Diabetes Day is women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future. The goal of this campaign is to promote awareness of the importance of equal and affordable access for all women, whether they are at risk...

What You Need to Know to Help World Blindness

October is World Blindness Awareness Month, an initiative started to help the public to understand the realities of visual impairment and how it affects the world population. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of millions of individuals around the world who are unnecessarily blind or visually impaired due to causes that are...

Halloween Eye Safety

October has arrived and that means many people are already starting to plan for upcoming costume parties and trick-or-treating for the Halloween season. This is why now is the time to remind the public about some very important precautions about eye safety since there are some common costume props and...

Trouble Seeing the Fine Print? Here are Your Options…

Every good pair of eyes eventually gets old and with age comes a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia, which usually begins to set in some time around 40, occurs when the lens of the eye begins to stiffen, making near vision (such as reading books, menus, and computer screens) blurry. You...

Aging Eyes and Driving Safety 

Even if you don’t have any eye or vision problems, the natural process of aging affects your ability to see and react to visual stimuli. It’s important to know the impact the aging can have on your eyes and vision so you can take the necessary precautions to stay safe...

Is Your Teen Ready for Contacts?

Many teens who wear glasses are eager to try out contact lenses for convenience, fashion or to just provide another option for vision correction.

Inside a Life With Color Vision Deficiency

What’s it like to be color blind? Contrary to what the name implies, color blindness usually does not actually mean that you don’t see any color, but rather that you have difficulty perceiving or distinguishing between certain colors. This is why many prefer the term color vision deficiency or CVD...

How to Safely View the Great American Eclipse of 2017

On August 21st, for the first time since 1979, a solar eclipse will be visible across North America. What's even more historic is that it will also be the first time an eclipse will be visible across the continent, from coast to coast, since 1918. If you want to bear...

Are Your Eyes Sensitive to Light?

Light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, is a condition in which bright light - either natural sunlight or artificial light -  can cause significant discomfort, pain and intolerance. People that experience light sensitivity will find themselves needing to close their eyes or squint when exposed to light and often experience...

Cataract Awareness and Prevention

According to the World Health Organization, cataracts are responsible for 51% of cases of blindness worldwide - although this blindness is preventable with treatment. In fact, research shows that in industrialized countries about 50% of individuals over the age of 70 have had a cataract in at least one eye....

Are You Ignoring Your Dry Eyes?

You Don’t Have to Live With Dry Eyes Have you noticed that your eyes feel chronically dry, itchy, scratchy or even sometimes watery? Many people that have these symptoms just go on with their lives until the symptoms become unbearable. What they don’t realize is that these are signs that...

Does Smoking Affect Vision?

Eye Doctors Weigh In: How Smoking Can Harm Your Vision & Eye Health We all know that smoking is bad for you, especially the risks that it poses to your heart and lungs. What many people do not know is that cigarette smoke negatively affects your eyes and vision too. Smoking...

Sjogren’s Awareness – Understanding The Invisible Disease 

In an effort to spread the word to increase awareness about Sjogren’s Disease, eye care providers are speaking out about this hard-to-diagnose condition. Sjogren’s is a systemic autoimmune disorder that can affect the whole body. One of the primary symptoms is excessive dryness particularly in the eyes and mouth. Other...

Eye Health For Women

Hey women! Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from vision problems and are at higher risk of permanent vision loss than men? Well 91% of the women surveyed recently didn’t know that, which means that many of them aren’t taking the necessary precautions to prevent eye...

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

Hey women! Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from vision problems and are at higher risk of permanent vision loss than men? Well 91% of the women surveyed recently didn’t know that, which means that many of them aren’t taking the necessary precautions to prevent eye...

Understanding Eye Color

Eye color is a hereditary trait that depends on the genes of both parents, as well as a little bit of mystery. The color of the eye is based on the pigments in the iris, which is a colored ring of muscle located at the center of the eye (around...

6 Ways to Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age-related macular degeneration is a serious condition that can threaten your vision and general well-being. Characterized by the deterioration of the central area of the retina called the macula which is responsible for focused vision, the disease gradually reduces your central vision. This affects the ability to see fine details,...

Are You Missing Your Child’s Hidden Vision Problem?

Your toddler may show every sign of good eyesight including the ability to see objects in the distance, however that doesn't necessarily mean that he or she doesn’t have a vision problem.

“The Sneak Thief of Sight” Is On Our Minds This January

Make your resolution for healthy vision this year with increased awareness of the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

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