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What is a Prosthetic Contact lens and Who needs it?


A prosthetic contact lens can either be a soft lens, hard lens, or scleral shell.

If a patient still has a fully formed eyeball, but they suffered a corneal or iris injury, they might be able to wear a soft prosthetic lens which is hand painted like you see here.

If a patient has suffered a massive injury to the eye and is missing part of their eye, or missing the entire eyeball, then a hard lens or a scleral shell may be more beneficial.

The main point of prosthetic contact lenses is for cosmetic purposes. The contact lens help your eyes appear more normal looking and more similar to the good eye.

We have patients that need prosthetic lenses from eye injuries, eye diseases, corneal dystrophy, iris anomalies, corneal scarring, lazy eye, phtisis bulbi, and much more.

Stephanie L. Woo, O.D., F.A.A.O

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