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Keratoconus Patient fit into custom scleral lens

Thank you Dr. Dadej for your kind referral of your keratoconus patient to our office!

This young man was diagnosed with keratoconus about 5 years ago and was fit into hybrid lenses. The hybrid lenses were not comfortable, so he was switched into scleral lenses a few years ago. Hybrid contact lenses are a lens type that combines a gas permeable contact lens with a soft contact lens. The middle of a hybrid lens is made with a gas permeable lens which is then surrounded by a soft contact lens skirt. Hybrid lenses are used for a lot of different patients. The Ultrahealth hybrid lens is intended for Keratoconus patients. Many patients do well with hybrid lenses.

This patient wore scleral lenses successfully for years.

Dr. Dadej did a great job fitting him into new scleral lenses this year, but because of the severity of his keratoconus, the lenses were still not fitting just right. He developed a corneal scar on the right eye and the left eye, and Dr. Dadej referred him to me right away to help prevent a central cornea scar. Central corneal scars can cause significant vision impairment, and may require a corneal transplant if severe enough.

After discussing the different contact lens options, we decided on the Latitude custom scleral lens. We took 3 D images of both eyes and sent the images to Visionary Optics to help design and fabricate Latitude custom scleral lenses for him. With a diagnostic Europa lens and over-refraction, he achieved 20/20 vision in each eye and he was very happy. I am excited for his dispense!

Thank you again Dr. Dadej for thinking of us to help this special patient!

custom scleral lens 1

custom scleral lens 2

custom scleral lens 3

custom scleral lens 4

custom scleral lens 5

How to remove a hybrid contact lens

▪️It is important to know that removing a hybrid lens is much different than removing a soft contact lens or a hard contact lens.
▪️The lens may be removed at the inferior portion of the soft lens, near the 6:00 area.
▪️Place your thumb and index finger together and pinch as if you were pinching a piece of lint off your clothing.
▪️One of the biggest mistakes I see is patients have their fingers too far apart.
▪️Pinch the bottom portion of the soft contact lens skirt, and gently lift and remove off of your eye.
▪️If you have difficulty, you may place a piece of tissue on your fingers and use the same motion as above.
▪️If your lens is coated with Hydrapeg, it may be extremely slippery and hard to remove, so the tissue method will work best.

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