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Scleral Lens Stand Helps With Insertion

dalsey+adaptivesDo you have EXTREME difficulty inserting your scleral lens?

  • Patients having difficulty inserting their scleral lenses with traditional devices may consider using a scleral lens stand.
  • Place your scleral lens on the plunger, which will be held up with a stand.
  • This allows full control of your eyelids from both hands!
  • Fill the scleral lens with non preserved saline and simply lower your eye to the scleral lens.
  • This is a great option for patients who have difficulty controlling their blink reflex, among other patients (patients with Parkinson’s or other Neuro disorders, or patients with one arm, etc.)

This has been an incredibly helpful tool in my office to assist patients with scleral lens insertion!

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Scleral lens insertion with a dental ring

You can insert a scleral contact lens with an o ring, or dental ring (orthodontic band)
▪️For patients who have difficulty using a plunger to insert their scleral lens, the use of an o ring or orthodontic band can be helpful.
▪️Simply place the O ring or orthodontic band on the tip of your index finger. Then, place your scleral lens on the device. Fill with non preserved saline, and apply the lens to your eye.
▪️This technique helps many patients who prefer to use only one finger to balance their lens. It also allows the other fingers on that hand to control the lower eyelid.
▪️O rings can be found at any hardware store (the cost is usually around 10 cents) and a pack of orthodontic bands can be found online (pack of 100 bands for around $7).
▪️This is a cheap and effective method to helping scleral lens wearers apply lenses!

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Scleral lens insertion with the ezi ring

How the EZ I ring can help you insert your scleral or hybrid lens.

▪️The EZI applicator is a great product that I discovered during my Contact Lens Residency. The company gave us some free samples to try on patients.

▪️Dr. Ed Bennet and I conducted a study at the University of Missouri, where we compared 2 applicator devices – the EZI ring vs the traditional DMV plunger. The subjects found the EZI ring easier to use than the plunger, and the results were statistically significant.

▪️We submitted these results to the American Academy of Optometry, and we were selected to present a paper at the annual 2012 meeting.

▪️The EZI is a great resource for many scleral lens and hybrid lens wearers who have difficulty inserting their lenses.

▪️The founders of the company are great too. The story of how the EZI applicator came to be is really interesting – a scleral lens wearer had a 22 mm scleral lens (which is VERY large compared to most scleral lenses), and he was having difficult inserting the lens. His son, an engineer, devised an insertion tool to help his dad get this large lens in his eye. The idea of the EZI ring was born, and now they produce many of them to help patients all over the world!

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