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How to insert a scleral lens using fingers

Some patients do not like to rely on devices such as plungers and other insertion devices to be able to insert their scleral lens. Luckily, there are a few ways to apply your scleral lens, without having to use a device.

To insert your scleral lens without devices, you may use your hands.

Using one finger to balance the lens will usually not work, because the lens will get top heavy once filled with liquid. If you try balancing the scleral lens on one finger, and then start to fill the bowl of the lens with non-preserved saline, it can become top heavy, and it can fall off your finger.

To insert a scleral lens using your fingers, you may balance it with two fingers, or three fingers.

If you are using 2 fingers, place the lens in the crevice between your index and middle finger. If you are using 3 fingers, you can make a tri pod with your thumb, index, and middle finger and place the scleral lens into that tri pod area.

Place the scleral lens on your fingers and fill it with non-preserved saline. Using your other hand to control the eyelids, gently place the scleral lens onto your eye.

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