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How to Apply a Scleral Lens

There are many ways to insert a scleral lens, and your practitioner may review several methods with you in their office. A flat mirror to lay on a flat surface may assist with scleral lens application. Always wash and dry your hands before handling any scleral lenses.

To apply a scleral lens, tuck your chin into your chest and look toward the floor. Bring the scleral lens close to your eye, and while controlling your eyelids, gently press the lens onto your eye. When you feel the liquid, that means the lens is close, but continue to push a little more, until the lens is properly in place. After, gently let go of your eyelids. If the cool sensation of the liquid causes a blink reflex, you can try placing an unopened vial of preservative free saline under warm water to increase the temperature of the liquid. Then, fill the lens with the warm saline and insert as normal.

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