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Caring For Your Scleral Lenses with Multipurpose Solution

After removing your scleral lens, place it in the palm of your hand and apply a few drops of multipurpose solution and rub each side of the lens for about 30 seconds.

Then, place the lens into the lens case and fill the lens well entirely with multipurpose solution, making sure to cover the entire surface.

Allow to disinfect in the lens case for 4 or more hours (please refer to the exact multipurpose solution that you are using, since each manufacturer has a different recommendation). It is important to follow the instructions on the box or insert to ensure proper use. The solution will be most effective when you follow the instructions.

When you are ready to use your scleral lens again, remove from the case and rinse with preservative free saline.

Then, place it onto the scleral lens applicator of your choice.

Be sure to pour out the used solution from the lens case. Then, rinse with fresh multipurpose solution and allow to air dry. Alternatively, you can clean the lens case and the lids of the case with an alcohol pad and allow to air dry.

Always replace the lens case every 90 days or per your doctor’s recommendation. This will help to prevent bacteria from building up and causing eye infections.

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