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How to Remove a Scleral Lens

Be sure to wash and dry your hands before attempting scleral lens removal.

Scleral lenses are best removed with a small suction cup.

Inspect your eye in the mirror to ensure the scleral lens is in place.

Next, moisten the tip of the suction cup with a small amount of preservative free saline or multipurpose solution.

Then, place the suction cup toward the edge of the lens and pull down and out to remove the lens. Be sure the suction is near the edge of the lens, and not directly in the middle of the lens. If the plunger is directly in the center of the lens, the lens will be incredibly difficult to remove. If you have trouble removing the lens in the inferior position, you may try placing it in the superior portion of the lens and pull up and out.

Using a twisting motion as you pull can also help remove the scleral lens more easily. Make sure the plunger is making direct contact with the scleral lens only – if the plunger is only partially adhered to the lens, it will not effectively remove the lens.

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