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How to Insert a Scleral Lens Using a Stand

A scleral lens stand is a great option for patients who require the use of both hands to control their eyelids. Sometimes, patients try all of the different devices, but they still are unable to successfully insert their scleral lenses. Luckily, there is a scleral lens stand that can help with insertion. Many patients who are unsuccessful with traditional options are able to insert their scleral lens with a stand.

First, set up the stand by placing the plunger and light onto the stand. There is a small hole on the bottom of the plunger. Insert the small light into this hole.

Turn the light on so you have a target to view. The light is usually a green color.

Then, place the scleral lens on the plunger and fill with non-preserved saline.

Next, use one hand to control your upper lid and one hand to control your lower lid.

Gently lower your entire face toward the stand, trying to keep the view of the light centered. Try your best to focus on the center of the light, which will center your eye and position it well.

Once the scleral lens is on the eye, gently let go of your eyelids. By letting go of your eyelids first, you can “trap” the scleral lens behind the lids, which can make it more stable on the eye. After, you can gently remove your face from the stand. Always check the mirror for bubbles. If there is a bubble, you will need to remove the lens and reinsert the lens.

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