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How To Insert a Hybrid Contact Lens

Hybrid contact lenses are unique because there is a gas permeable lens in the center and it is connected to a soft contact lens skirt. There are a few ways to insert a hybrid lens. First, place the hybrid lens onto your finger and place a drop of saline or multipurpose solution in the bowl of the lens. Next, place the lens directly on the center of your eye.

An alternative method that some patients prefer is to place the hybrid lens on the applicator of your choice. Then, fill the lens with non-preserved saline, tuck your chin into your chest and apply the lens directly onto the eye.

Inserting a hybid lens can feel strange, especially if you have never worn contact lenses before. Luckily, the lens is quite easy to balance on one finger. When you place the lens onto your eye, it will naturally want to stick to your eyeball, which helps it to stay on your eye when you take your finger away.

Controlling your eyelids is KEY. Make sure you have a good grasp on the eyelid so that you can help control your blink reflex. It is natural to blink when something comes toward your eye. By gaining control of your eyelids, you can help improve the positioning of your hybrid contact lens.

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