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Scleral Lens Discomfort


If you wear scleral lenses, you may have had a few lenses in the past that caused you discomfort.

This is very common, due to the fact that the shape of the lens has a lot of different parameters that can be adjusted by your eye doctor.

In this particular patient, she was having discomfort with her right eye around 7:00. When I took a look at the lens, you can see there is a small amount of conjunctival chalasis right at 7:00.

Also, you can see the hashmarks, which represent the flat meridian of the scleral lens edge.

What I suspect is happening is the edge in that area is too flat, which is causing her to have some discomfort.

The more information you can tell your doctor about your situation, the better. If you can pinpoint WHERE the discomfort is, that is super helpful for us.

Since the problem is likely related to the edge, I will steepen the edge in that area to hopefully provide better comfort.

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