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Scleral lens and red eyes


Saw one of our OneFit scleral lens patients today for a follow up visit.

This patient has an extremely high spectacle Rx (over -26.00 Diopters), and he has worn corneal gas permeable lenses with an orthokeratology type fitting appearance for the past few years. We decided to refit him into scleral lenses about 3 months ago.

With the OneFit scleral lens, he can achieve 20/15 vision in each eye! We've made a few adjustments along the way. Today, he reports great vision, but still suffers from a bit of eye redness. He has started taking fish oil capsules and get drops for dry eye, along with refresh preservative free on top of the lenses during the day.

The conjunctiva on both eyes shows some conjunctival congestion nasal and temporal, and the OCT images show some compression at the edge of the lens in each eye.

We are going to increase the overall diameter of the lens as well as flatten the edge to help alleviate some of the conjunctival compression. If that does not do the trick, we will start over with some 3 D images of the eye and order him a more custom fit lens.

Crossing our fingers that the lens design changes will help him!

We also started him on Restasis eye drops to use in both eyes, twice per day, to help with his dry eye issues.

Thank you Dr. Wong for all of your help managing this special patient.

Looking forward to seeing how the new lenses work out!

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