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Prosthetic Scleral Lens

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A beautiful patient came to see us today for a consult for a prosthetic scleral lens.

She had a brain tumor at a young age which compressed cranial nerve III which affected her right eye. As a result, her eye turns out and down. She also had a large, fixed pupil.

Despite having multiple strabismus surgeries and eyelid reconstruction, her right eye continues to drift down and out. She suffers from blurry vision, double vision, and she is overall affected by cosmesis and desires her right eye to appear more symmetric to her left eye.

Her eye doctor kindly referred her to us to see what options existed. After testing, I decided to put a scleral contact lens into her eye to see what kind of effect it would have. It helped lift her eyelid and it also gave her eye more “volume” and looked more similar  to the left eye.

She was very excited about the improvement. I decided to refer her to a true expert in prosthetic scleral shells here in Las Vegas. The ocularist will be able to custom fit a shell to her eye and paint it to look like her left eye.

Even though I could attempt to do this myself, I would rather send the patient to someone who does it every single day. I love referring to other professionals if they can do a better job than me!

I am so excited for this patient and she is thrilled that there is an option for her.

Moral of the story: Refer out if it is not something you’re passionate about and that someone can do better.

For some reason as doctors we try and solve all the patient’s problems and in some cases the best option for the patient is to send them to someone who is a true expert or has a true passion for that particular service.

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