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How To Insert a Gas Permeable Lens

To insert a gas permeable lens, remove it from the case and rinse with multipurpose solution, conditioning solution or preservative free saline.

Next, place it on the center of a wet finger. Usually the fingertip of your index finger is most common.

Then, look into a mirror and place the lens directly onto the center of your eye.

If the lens dislocates onto a different part of your eye, simply press on your eyelid in that area and then look in the direction of the contact lens. For instance, if your contact lens slides onto the white part of your eye, press on the skin of the eyelid in that area then look toward the displaced contact lens. When you look toward the contact lens, it will reposition the contact lens back onto the center of your eye. If this does not work, use a small plunger to remove the lens and try again.

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