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EyePrint Prosthetic For Keratoconus Patient

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Thank you Dr. Malik for your kind referral!

A 23 year old white male with Keratoconus was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation.

With his glasses, he could achieve 20/400 in the right eye and 20/40 with ghosting and double vision in the left eye.

His topographies showed irregular astigmatism in each eye (right eye worse than the left eye). He does have striae and thinning on the right eye and thinning on the left eye. The rest of his ocular structures appeared normal.

After discussing the different options, he and his family decided on the EyePrint Prosthetic for each eye. We performed the impression on each eye in office, and the proceeded to a diagnostic scleral lens fitting to determine the vision potential.

The right eye went from 20/400 to 20/25-2 and the left eye went from 20/40 (ghosted and double) to 20/15-2 and no ghosting or double vision!

We sent the impressions out this evening, so the lab will start working on designing his devices early next week. We are thrilled for him! We cannot wait for his lenses to arrive!

Thanks again to Dr. Malik and his staff at Eyes and Optics for trusting us with his care! It’s always such a pleasure to be a part of a patient’s journey to better vision!

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