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Below are just some of the lines we have to offer at The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada. Feel free to drop in and get the full shopping experience. Feel free to ask one of our opticians to help you pair the best-suited frame shapes with shape of your lovely face!

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Awesome staff. The best in eye care. So helpful and got my vision to the best it has been in 10 years. 🙏💪🏻
3 months ago
- Tommy C.
I stopped in to Dr. Woo to get tested to see if I have Keratoconus. She diagnosed me and within an hour we had an order ready for my special lens. I’m so excited to be able to finally see clearly. Her office is beautiful and the staff are friendly and consultative. Amazing experience.
9 months ago
- Michelle C.
Obviously anything dealing with your eyes can be very stressful. Having had keratoconus for many years, I’ve been fitted for multiple lenses in the past. Even considering that we decided to do the eyeprint custom fitted lenses that actually make a mold of your eye, it was painless, friendly, and stress-free. Without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had dealing with contact lenses in a lifetime of wearing them.
9 months ago
- Carter B.
I have had many issues with my eyes including making the mistake of having RK surgery in the early 90's which has led to a serious case of Keratoconus which was treated successfully by Dr. Wellish using a cross linking procedure. My regular eye Dr. Mallinger has done everything that she could do give me the best vision possible with glasses, but it just came to the point where at best I was barely able to pass the driving test. When Dr. Mallinger recommended Dr. Woo I was very skeptical and hesitant. I had worn hard contact lenses in my teens, and they were so uncomfortable that I could not wear them. I did some research on Scalera lenses and after nearly failing the driving test I decided it was time to see Dr. Woo. Dr. Woo and her staff were fantastic in how they worked with me. I don't think I have ever had a more complete exam. During the exam I was able to try lenses to see how they felt and was thrilled when none of the pain associated to the old hard contact lenses occurred. Less than two weeks later the lenses came in and I had my fitting. My vision was between 20/25 and 20/30 and Dr. Wong said that it would probably get better as my eyes and brain adjusted to not looking through glasses. When I walked outside that day, I couldn't control my emotion. It was like a new world had opened up and I was very upset with myself for waiting so long to make this change. Driving home was a joy of being able to read the highway signs. I did have some issues getting them in and out but overall, it wasn't that bad. A week later I had another follow up meeting and explained to Dr. Wong that the right lense would fog up after wearing them for a few hours. She determined that the fit was not quite perfect and during the vision test found some slight changes to the prescription to make. She has now ordered a second set which I cannot wait to try. She also is allowing me to test a lighted stand to hold the lense for insertion which makes it so easy to get them in. All I can say is that Dr. Woo and Dr. Wong have changed my life and I am grateful for Dr. Mallinger recommending them. To anyone who is hesitant I would tell you don't wait. Your vision is too important to waste a day not being able to see. THANK YOU, Dr. Woo and Dr. Wong for making every day clearer and brighter for me.
12 months ago
- Steve L.
Beautiful office, upscale medical equipment, professional & knowledgeable staff! Wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyesight -- that's why I drive from Arizona to Nevada for my appointments.
12 months ago
- Mary L.
I have been a client at the Contact Lens Institute of Nevada (CLIN) for almost a year now. All I can say is “Wow.” I truly appreciate what they have done for my vision. Before going to CLIN, I have gone to regular contact lens places, and they would say, “Sorry, we don't think we can help you.” But at CLIN, they examined my eyes, did a lot of testing, and it turned out that I have Kerapconus in both eyes. They fitted me with specialty contact lenses, and I was amazed, and still amazed! Everything is so clear. Once again, I appreciate what they have done for my vision, and I can not say THANK YOU enough! Highly highly recommend this place!
1 year ago
- DoctorPulse
Wow! The Contact Lens Institute of Nevada (CLIN) has met and exceeded my expectations. As a person with Keratoconus, I am very wary about who I take on as an optical care provider. However, the level of professionalism and the quality of care provided by CLIN is simply unmatched. When I arrived at the facility, CLIN's reception staff was incredibly professional. They made sure I was comfortably seated before explaining the process for a lens consultation. After a short wait, I was seen by Dr. Woo herself. The consultation was extremely quick and efficient. The facility utilizes several advanced pieces of equipment to provide the best treatment possible for your eyes. Dr. Woo thoroughly explains the purpose of each scan, and reviews the results in depth. She also answers any questions and concerns you may have about your treatment options. Words cannot begin to express the feeling of being fitted with lenses. I was able to see clearly at a distance and with such fine detail. There were also zero to minimal discomforts while wearing the lenses. I am excited about my follow-up appointment. Thank you! 5/5 Stars
1 year ago
- Jaiden

I have a difficult and scary eye condition and needed specialty contact lenses. I saw Dr. Woo. She was extremely professional, pleasant and obviously highly competent. The experience was easy and quick with every step explained and all questions answered. When I got in the car, my wife told me I looked happy. Should say it all. Highly recommend!

- Dipesh D. - Google Review 2021
Chic Eyeglasses in Las Vegas

We know your favorite fashion accessory isn’t actually an accessory at all… it’s actually quite a necessity. For that reason, at our Las Vegas optical, we have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles, functional options, and prices in sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames
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Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames
Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames

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