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Corneal Scar


A patient was kindly referred to our office for a scleral lens evaluation by Dr. Stafeeva.

This patient suffered from a large corneal ulcer due to a work related injury about 3 months ago, and now has a very large scar covering the majority of his cornea.

When I see a patient that has a dense scar in the pupil area, I usually do not have high hopes for their vision, even with a scleral lens. But, I always apply a scleral lens just to demonstrate the vision potential. This helps the patient decide if a scleral lens is worth pursuing.

His best corrected vision with glasses is 20/400 and he complains the vision is blurry, shadowed and distorted. With a diagnostic Europa  scleral lens, he was able to achieve 20/60 vision and he mentioned that his headache on the right side was much improved, even after a few minutes of wearing a scleral lens.

We decided to order a scleral lens, which will help him function over the next 5-6 months until Dr. Stafeeva returns from maternity leave.

He will likely still need a corneal transplant to achieve more functional vision, but this will help get him by for a few months.

Thank you again Dr. Stafeeva for trusting us with your patient!

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