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EyePrint GP Lens

A lovely patient arrived to our office for an assessment of her right eye.

She was referred to us by Dr. DeBry for a contact lens evaluation, in efforts to improve her vision with a gas permeable lens.

She can only see Hand Motion in the right eye and she has Light Perception in the left eye, which has essentially means she can hardly see anything with either eye.

She has severe glaucoma in both eyes with blebs in both eyes. She has a history of a corneal transplant in the left eye, and band keratopathy/salzman's in the right eye.

Her pupil is also irregular in the right eye.

She also had cataract surgery in the right eye. From the photo of her cornea, you can see there is a small window of clear cornea.

Her topography shows a steep area centrally, so we fit her as if she were a nipple keratoconus patient. We used the Rose K / 7.6 BC lens and she went from Hand Motion to 20/80-1.

She was thrilled with her functional vision, and that she could finally read some letters on the chart. We started out with the 6.5 BC lens in the Rose K set, based on the fitting guide, but the lenses were too steep centrally. The 7.6 BC lens fit her eye the best.  The parameters of the lens you see on her eye were: Rose K2/ BC 7.6/ DIA 9.20/ PWR -2.00/ EL StdWith this lens, she did not take any over-refraction.

We also held loose lenses in front of her eye to see if anything changed her vision, but she preferred the vision with the prescription that was in the diagnostic Rose K lens.

Before proceeding with the lens order, she wanted to experiment with the lens for the day to see how it affected her day to day life. She wore the lens home for about 3 hours, and reported improved functional vision.

Due to the complexity of this case, we are designing a custom gas permeable contact lens, called an EyePrint GP lens.

We are so excited to see her for the gas permeable lens dispense. Thank you again Dr. DeBry for allowing us to assist in this special case.

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