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What is at the Base of these Eyelids?

The crusty stuff you see at the base of the eyelids and lashes is belpharitis and demodex.

This is common inflammatory condition that eye doctors see every single day. Demodex is a collection of eye mites that get overpopulated causing a flakey and scaley appearance.

To treat demodex, a variety of products exist such as OcuSoft, Thea, Optase and Avenova. There are lid cleansers and scrubs and even in office treatments that can help get manage eyelid mites and flakes.

At the end of August there will also be an eye drop that kills the Demodex in just 6 weeks. Yay!

Ask your eye doctor what your eyelashes look like under the microscope - more patients have blepharitis or demodex than you think!

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