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Custom Scleral Lens for Corneal Transplant Patient

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We had a lovely patient discover our office on her quest to find a better fitting scleral lens.

Her current scleral lens was causing her pain, redness, and she had difficulty removing it. She has a prosthetic eye in the right eye (due to an injury years ago), so she is a monocular patient. She had a full penetrating keratoplasty about 20 years go, due to keratoconus in the left eye.

The corneal transplant still looks beautiful and clear! In the video you see here, you can see that her habitual scleral lens is a bit too small for her eye. There is also some limbal congestion and there is some blanching at the edge, which explains some of her symptoms.

Her transplant is very large, and required the highest sagittal depth lens that we had in our fitting set (around 5600 sag for the Europa lens fitting set).Luckily, this lens vaulted her entire cornea, and we were able to get her to 20/20 vision with an over-refraction.

Our plan is to order her a custom scleral lens, which will match the contours of her corneal transplant and the shape of her sclera.

With a lens that is shaped to her exact eye, she should notice an improvement with comfort and redness. The lens should also be easier to remove at the end of the day. We are very excited to see her for her scleral lens dispense!

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