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Contact Lenses for Aphakia


Thank you Dr. Waite for this kind referral!

We had the pleasure of seeing a 65 year old white female for a contact lens evaluation. She had cataract surgery in 2009 in the right eye, but the PCIOL dislodged into the posterior segment and she needed a surgery to retrieve the intraocular lens and place an anterior intraocular lens.

That lens also dislodged and she had to have another surgery to repair it again. She then suffered another lost anterior IOL which is still floating around in the posterior segment. Her cornea was traumatized from all the surgeries, so she ended up having a corneal transplant (DSEK) in the right eye.

She also has a tube shunt in the right eye for glaucoma. Essentially at this point she is aphakic, and her doctors wanted her to be fit with a contact lens to see if her vision could improve, instead of going through another potentially risky surgery.

We fitted her with the Rose K 2 Post Graft due to her DSEK and with a 7.70 BC, the lens was centering quite nicely. Without glasses she can see Count Fingers with the right eye, but with the contact lens, she was achieving 20/60 vision and was super thrilled.

We will hopefully be ordering her lens soon and getting her on the road to clearer vision.

Thanks again to Dr. Waite for trusting me with this special case.

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