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Patient Sees Clearly with Scleral Contact Lens

wj5We had a lovely 28 year old hispanic female present to the clinic for a keratoconus consultation.

She wears standard soft contact lenses currently (Acuvue Oasys -2.50 right eye and -2.25-2.25x140 left eye),but complains that the left eye is always ghosted and doubled.

She also complains of headaches and blurred vision at night. She was diagnosed with keratoconus a few years ago, and wanted a second opinion.

You can see that the astigmatism pattern is irregular in the left eye, and the steep K reading is at 51 D. The cornea was clear with no striae. Even with the best refraction, she can only see 20/40 in the left eye and she reports that the letters appear doubled, shadowed, and blurry.

We applied a scleral lens on the left eye, and with an over-refraction, she could see 20/20! She reported that her vision was much clearer than she has seen in years.

We designed and ordered a scleral lens for her today.

We are thrilled to see how she does at her dispense!