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How to Remove an Amniotic Membrane


There are many different brands using amniotic membrane technology to help the eye with expedited healing.

One of the amniotic membranes we use is called Biotissue Prokera.

This is a unique amniotic membrane because it is cryopreserved, unlike most which are dehydrated and packaged dry. We place the amniotic tissue (which is sandwiched between 2 polycarbonate rings) into the eye and usually apply a patch for comfort.

When the patient arrives back for removal of the amniotic membrane, here are the steps to remove:

1. Instill 1-3 drops of topical anesthetic to the eye and wait about 30 seconds for it to absorb.

2. Using blunt tip forceps (NOT jeweler’s forceps!), have the patient look up, then pull down their lower lid and grab the bottom piece of the ring with the forceps.

3. Pull down and out to remove the device.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Please make sure not to use jeweler’s forceps or other narrow tip forceps because the ring is too big to grab and it will keep slipping.

Financial disclosure - I have no financial interest in any companies or products mentioned in this post.

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