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Prosthetic Contact Lenses


We had an exciting new case present to our office this week.

This patient traveled all the way from Northern California over 7 hours to see us.

He has a history of a chemical burn on the left eye (which you can see as a completely opaque cornea) which has left him completely blind. He currently wears a prosthetic soft lens in the left eye but it has faded in color over time. His goal was to be color matched and fit with a new prosthetic contact lens.

I discussed a scleral shell instead of a soft prosthetic, but the patient already tried that in the past and her prefers soft contact lenses.

We took measurements such as topography and anterior segment imaging of both eyes. Then, we used the Orion fitting set to color match his good eye. We are now designing a custom prosthetic contact lens for him based on the information we collected.

Prosthetic contact lenses are a great way to help patients achieve improved cosmesis which can improve their self confidence.

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