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Is it OK to Smash the Cornea with a Scleral Lens?


This patient has undergone 6 corneal transplants and she was fit into a scleral lens about 2 years ago. Her vision is good (20/30) but the comfort is poor.

We decided to fit her into an EyePrint Prosthetic due to the complexity of her case. However, at dispense she could only see 20/400 and not taking any over refraction.

The fit looked beautiful, but the vision was poor. Dr. Chris Sindt had a great idea for the patient to bring her habitual scleral lens into the office and we inserted her lens (those are the photos below).

With her habitual scleral lens (which is touching the cornea), she is able to see 20/30 but the comfort is poor. With her EyePrint, the vision is poor but the comfort is excellent.

Our plan is to decrease the vault of the EyePrint so that it touches her cornea to improve her vision.

I never would have thought to do this until my good friend Dr. Sindt explained to me why this is sometimes necessary.

It is great to have good friends who help with these crazy cases!

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