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Do you Suffer from Bubbles in your Scleral Lens?


You are not alone - this happens to a lot of my patients.

There are usually two types of bubbles:

The first type presents IMMEDIATELY after inserting your scleral lens. When this happens, you can spot a large bubble inside your scleral lens when looking in the mirror.

The vision out of that eye is also very blurry, and the lens is very uncomfortable. The NUMBER ONE reason this happens is due to scleral lens insertion error. That means you didn't fill the bowl up with enough liquid, you blinked as lens lens was approaching your eye, or the lens got caught on a part of your eye as you were applying it.

If this happens, you must remove the lens, refill it with preservative free saline, and then re-apply it to your eye. Unlike other contact lens types, the bubble will not disappear on its own, it must be removed and re-inserted.

The second type of scleral lens bubble happens after you apply your lens, but the bubbles are much smaller, like the ones you see in the video and the photos. These small bubbles might appear right away, or they can take a few minutes or hours to appear.

The NUMBER ONE reason this occurs is due to the scleral lens edge not aligning properly with the white part of your eye, called the sclera.

When the lenses is not perfectly fit to your eye, there is a small amount of edge lift that occurs, and a bubble can sneak into the lens.

The solution to this problem is to steepen the edge of the lens in the specific area that needs modification.

If you have bubbles in your scleral lens, let your eye doctor know, because they can help figure out what the problem is.

By using special instruments and dyes, we can find out what is going on with the scleral lens fit, and make adjustments to improve it.

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