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Corneal Intacs


Corneal Intacs Make For Great Scleral Lens Patients

Thank you for Dr. Ritenour for your kind referral of this lovely keratoconus patient.

She flew all the way from Virginia to Las Vegas to see us, thanks to Dr. Ritenour's recommendation.

A young 58 year old female presented to the office with a referral from Dr. Ritenour for a much custom scleral lens fit for both eyes. She had LASIK performed in both eyes 20 years ago, but developed post-LASIK ectasia shortly after.

She then had intacs put into both eyes to help stabilize the corneal shape. Intacs are small rings that are inserted into the cornea to help stablize the ectasia and also center the cone.

The main issue with Intacs is that is creates a speed bump on the cornea, which makes fitting a contact lens very difficult.

For this reason, I recommend custom scleral lenses to help overcome this corneal obstacle. We decided to proceed with an EyePrint Prosthetic in both eyes to help her scleral lenses fit better, and to provide her with the clearest possible vision.

She is coming back into our office for her dispense, and then Dr. Ritenour and I will co-manage this patient together in the event that she requires further changes.

Thanks again to Dr. Ritenour for trusting us with this patient!

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