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Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

woo scleral lens for KC

Today we saw a long time patient of ours who we've been managing for keratoconus over the past 6 years.

Keratoconus is a condition of the eye that causes the front part of the eye (the cornea) to thin and become irregular in shape. This irregular shape can cause vision issues such as blurry vision, double vision, haloes, glare, and other problems.

To improve visual quality for keratoconus patients, special contact lenses can be used. This patient was fitted with the Ampleye scleral lens in the left eye. His vision is about 20/30 with this lens and the fit has remained great for the last few years.

Today, however, he arrived for an evaluation of the left lens. The lens shows central corneal touch, which is usually not safe for the eye.

Our plan is to keep the rest of the fit the same, and just adjust the central clearance of the lens so that it does not touch the cornea. Over time, a scleral lens that touches the cornea can result in corneal scarring among other issues. It is best to eliminate the central touch as much as possible to avoid complications.

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