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Scleral Lenses for Extreme Dry Eye


Thank you Dr. Wellish (Wellish Vision Institute) for your kind referral of your extreme dry eye patient to our clinic.

A lovely patient was referred to our office for a scleral lens consultation. She had LASIK in the 1990's and over the past decade has suffered from dry eye syndrome.

Her current regimen: Oasis tears plus every 2 hours both eyes, Erythromycin ointment both eyes every night, Vital tears (serum tears) every 1 hour while awake both eyes, omega 3 fatty acids, and warm compresses twice a day.

She also uses NuLids to clean her eyelashes at night and she sees Dr. Wellish for Lipiflow. Despite this incredible approach to managing her dry eye, she still suffers from some stubborn dry spots on the cornea, which cause her discomfort, red eyes, watery eyes, and blurred vision.

The dry spots were apparent (the yellow spots on the photo with the blue light), and she also has a large amount of irregularity on her corneal topography no the right eye.

We decided to fit her into an EyePrint Prosthetic to help keep liquid on her eye all day and protect her eye from the outside environment. When we tried on some diagnostic scleral lenses in office, she was really impressed with the comfort and the vision.

We will keep you posted on her progress!

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