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Prosthetic Contact Lenses are Life Changing!

We were kindly referred to as a 55-year-old HF from Dr. Lee here in Las Vegas.

Before prosthetic OS

This patient suffered an injury to the left eye in 1987 which left her with a retinal detachment and a myriad of other ocular issues. The end result is a completely blind left eye, which looks quite different from the right eye.

AR left eye cornea

Her main goal was to be fit into a prosthetic contact lens to help with the cosmetic appearance of her eyes.

prostatic contact lenses

We worked with Visionary Optics to create a Latitude scleral lens made of PMMA and then a local ocularist handpainted the iris and pupil details onto the front surface of the lens.

new cosmetic appearance of the eye

She was taught insertion and removal at our office, and she was thrilled at the appearance of her new eyes!

Prosthetic contact lenses take quite a bit longer than any of the other lenses that we fit, but they can be life changing for some patients.

Thanks to Visionary Optics for your help with this unique case.

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