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Before and After Upneeq Eye Drop!

This patient arrived for a specialty contact lens fit consultation. As we were taking images of her eye she said, "My eyelids are so saggy, I wish there was an eye drop that could help to lift them up!"

Good news - there is a drop called Upneeq available in the United States which helps to lift your eyelids.

We inserted a drop and took a before photo (bottom image). Then, 15 minutes later, we took an after photo (top image) and she was thrilled at the difference.

She will only need to use Upneeq once per day in the morning to help keep her eyelids a bit more open.

We will send her for eyelid surgery at some point, but she wanted an alternative to lid surgery for now. This eye drop is a great way to offer patients another option besides surgery to help lift their eyelids.

Financial disclosures: I have no financial interest in the products or companies mentioned in this post.

senior eyelids after and before upneeq

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