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Presbyopia Patient Looking For Alternative To Eyeglasses

Sharing a case we recently worked on with custom soft lenses.

50 year old female was looking for an alternative to glasses that would also allow her to see up close and far. She reported that she first wore glasses when she was in 1st grade and has a history of high astigmatism. During our exam, we found that she had limbal to limbal corneal astigmatism and her manifest Rx was :

Right eye: Plano-3.00x016 (20/20)
Left eye: +1.75x-4.25x165 (20/20)

Based on our findings, we felt that she would benefit from several different lens options between monovision or multifocal GP lenses, hybrids, sclerals, or custom softs. Due to her history of previous soft contact lens wear and finances at this time, the patient opted for a custom soft contact lens.

We fit her into monovision Specialeyes in both eyes. Specialeyes is a company that makes custom soft contact lenses. This will work much better for patients with higher amounts of astigmatism, compared to traditional soft contact lenses. The patient reported good comfort and was excited to be able to see her cell phone without any glasses on! She was able to achieve binocular 20/20 distance and 20/20 near!

OD specialeyes CL

OD cornea

OS cornea

topo OD crop

topo OS crop


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