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What’s an alternative to Nutrifill?

Many of our patients use Nutrifill to fill the bowl of their scleral lenses.

However, there was a recall on the product in June 2021 and Contamac Solutions was recently made aware of a potential issue by its contract manufacturer in the production of Nutrifill Lot #FOE with a use by date of 09/30/2022. There have been no adverse events or complaints reported, and we do not believe any of the product shipped to consumers has been affected. However, out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that you discontinue use of any product from Lot# FOE while we work with our manufacturer to investigate further.

Nutrifill Saline Solution Single

Nutrifill was recalled in June 2021.

Many of our patients are asking, “What can I use instead of Nutrifill?”

Hear what Dr. Woo recommends as an alternative to nutrifill


One recommendation is Lacripure. Lacripure is available on Amazon or sometimes sold in your doctor’s eye clinic. It comes in 5mL vials, which is a smaller size compared to Nutrifill vials. It does not have the added electrolytes like Nutrifill does, though. We have many patients who love Lacripure. You can purchase them in a large box of 98 vials or if you want a smaller pack, they also sell them in 7 vial strips. The 7 vial strip is a good option if you want to make sure you like it before committing to 98 vials.


Another option is ScleralFil. This product comes in 10mL vials, so it is the same size of the Nutrifill vials. Unfortunately, it does not come in other sizes. It also does not have added electrolytes. This is a great product and many patients like the large size. If you do not like the large size of 10mL vials, you might consider Lacripure or Addipak as options.

Vibrant Vue

A new option to market is called Vibrant Vue Saline. This is preservative free saline and comes in convenient 5mL vials, which is smaller than Nutrifill saline. If you find that the 10mL bottles of Nutrifill is too much, the 5mL size may suit you better.



You can also purchase Addipak on Amazon, which is just non-preserved saline. This is a cost effective alternative to Nutrifill. You can find these in 3mL sizes and 5mL sizes. This is a very inexpensive option if cost is a concern. One thing you may want to be aware of though is that the plastic that Addipak comes in can come from different sources and different countries. There have been some concerns of chemicals in the plastic containers leaching into the solution. I don’t have any peer-reviewed data on this topic, but it is currently being studied.

Written Prescription

You can also have your doctor write you a prescription for non-preserved saline vials. The benefits of this is that you can take this Rx to your pharmacy. If you have good insurance benefits, the saline might be offered with just a small co-pay or in some cases, free! We always give our scleral lens patients written Rx for non-preserved saline, even if we have recommended a different filling solution. This is helpful especially if they run out of solution or need some when the are on vacation. Ask your doctor to write an Rx for you.

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