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Prosthetic Contact Lens

Prosthetic Contact Lens - A cool case sent over from Dr. Irene Voo!

A 73 year old white male was kindly referred to us for a prosthetic contact lens consultation.

He has a history of several retinal issues such as branch retinal vein occlusions and epiretinal membranes. He also has artificial lenses in each eye from cataract surgery.

His main complaint is that his vision is very blurry, distorted, double, and issues with glare on the right eye. His right eye is best correct to 20/200 and he complains of shadows, distortion and double vision. His left eye best corrected is 20/32.

Many times, patients that cannot see well out of one eye have a very hard time. This is because with both eyes open, the brain tries to overlay the image detected from each eye. This can result is visual confusion and other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, feeling off balance, light sensitivity, issues with glare, blurred vision, double vision, visual discomfort and more.

He is so bothered by the distortion in the right eye that he wears a patch over his right eye to improve his visual comfort. He also wears a pair of glasses which were specially made by Dr. Quinton where the right lens is black and the left lens is clear. This also helps so that less light enters his eye.

We think he would be an excellent candidate for a prosthetic contact lens! We color matched his eye today using the Orion Fitting Set from ABB specialty lenses. The first photo was a good match but a bit too blue. The second photo was a different mix of colors and looks like a better match. We used Underprint #3, followed by CB3, and then #52-V to get this result.


The first color match appeared a bit too blue.

With the Orion fitting set, you stack different colors until you get a good match.
We ordered the lens today to be completely blacked out on the underside of the contact lens so that no light will enter his eye. He should feel much more comfortable with the lens on his eye. We will post photos of his dispense soon!


The second color match appears to be a better match.

Major thanks to Dr. Kramer for always helping us with prosthetic lenses and to Dede from ABB for your expert help.

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