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Damage to Eye from a Burning Building

Super interesting case from Dr. Schorr from New Eyes!

We saw a 19 year old boy for a consultation today. He suffered a trauma from going into a burning building and when he opened the door, the door flew open and the padlock hit him in the right eye. According to the patient, he left the burning building but then his boss told him to go back in. When he went back in, he opened the door, and (probably due to backdraft), the door slammed into the right side of his face and the padlock went right into his eye. He was a child when this all happened.


Large, dense corneal scar which goes right through the center of his eye.

He had a globe perforation to his eye that had to be repaired quickly.

His crystalline lens could not be saved, so he is aphakic in that eye. He has severe corneal scarring. There is also a dense amount of scar tissue that attaches the posterior cornea to the anterior iris. You can see in the OCT image below that the back side of the cornea attaches to the front side of the iris.

He also has an artificial pupil and iris defect both nasally and inferior nasal.

His main goal of today’s visit was to see if a specialty lens could improve his vision. He sees count fingers at 4 feet and complains of diplopia in the right eye.

When I looked at his eye, I had little hope that any vision improvement would be possible, due to the severe scar tissue and lack of a normal entrance pupil.

We tried on a diagnostic Europa scleral lens to see if any vision improvement was possible and with a +8.00 over refraction, he could achieve 20/50 and he stated his double vision was gone.

Due to the ocular condition, he must be eccentrically viewing out of his artificial pupil inferiorly. We are going to attempt a scleral lens for him to see if it helps improve his vision, diplopia and balance. Stay tuned for updates!


This image shows us that the back side of his cornea is attached to the iris


The topography of the right eye shows irregularity


We placed a diagnostic Europa scleral lens on his eye and he could see 20/50!

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