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Is There Hope For Severe Dry Eye Patients?

Such gratitude helping complex patients!

Our 62 year old female returned to clinic for a second EyePrint Prosthetic dispense. She suffers from severe glaucoma in both eyes, and only has vision out of the right eye. She also suffers from autoimmune issues and recurrent uveitis in both eyes.

Dr. Saboori performed glaucoma surgery on her right eye and saved her vision and she has done well over the past year. She has been able to see about 20/50 out of the right eye. Unfortunately, over the past few months, she has developed severe ocular surface disease, and her eyes are extremely dry. Dr. Lin did an excellent job managing her with all sorts of dry eye treatments such as Restasis, Xiidra, artificial tears, gels, amniotic membranes, and serum tears.

Despite all of these treatments, her eye remains very dry, which is debilitating for her. She complains that her eyes are in constant pain. She also complains her eyes are so dry, she has to constantly use artificial tears to lubricate the surface. She is also very sensitive to light. She walks around indoors and outdoors with dark sunglasses due to her light sensitivity.

She was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens evaluation. When we saw her, she had declined and was seeing 20/200. She explained that her eyes were in constant pain and she was miserable all the time.

At this point, we recommended something called the EyePrint Prosthetic. Because she has a very large tube shunt, it is important to fit the lens exactly to the contours of her eye. We performed the eyeprint fitting in office and designed a custom lens based on that impression.

She arrived for the EyePrint dispense when the lens arrived, and with a small prescription added to the lens, she could see about 20/50. She was thrilled that she had functional vision and her eye was no longer in pain. She felt immediate relief with the lens. We checked on the lens about 1 week later to confirm that the lens was resting on the tube shunt properly. After we confirmed the fit to be ideal, we re-ordered the lens with a new prescription.

We saw her for a dispense today with the new Rx and upon insertion, she achieved 20/30 vision! She was so incredibly happy with how well she could see and her eye felt so much better.

The lens was finalized and she will return to Dr. Lin and Dr. Saboori for dry eye management, glaucoma management, and all other eye care needs. It is such an honor to help these types of patients.

Find out what Toni has to say about her experience at our office:

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