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Corneal transplant

Thank you Dr. Nyon for your kind referral today!

We had the pleasure of seeing a nice patient today who was kindly referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. She had a corneal transplant in the left eye over 15 years ago due to an infection in the left eye.

The patient reported that she used to wear soft contact lenses and then when she was in Florida 15 years ago, she felt something fly into her eye and her eye continued to feel worse and worse. By the end of the day, she was in the emergency room because her eye felt so bad.

She ended up having a super aggressive corneal ulcer and despite all of the treatments, her eye never recovered. She later got a corneal transplant.

She was fit into a mini scleral lens in the left eye 15 years ago and she had a major amount of redness and compression ring in that eye with the lens in, so she discontinued wearing it. She came today to see what options she had for the left eye.

After taking a look at her cornea, the transplant looks clear with a few spots of haze, but we do feel we can get her to see better with a gas permeable lens.

Due to the issue of the compression ring and eye redness, we feel a more custom scleral lens would be a good option for her.

Transplant patients are some of our favorite patients to help!

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