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Severe Dry Eye and Scleral Lenses

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One of our favorite patients came in for her annual exam for her custom contact lenses.

This patient suffers from severe dry eye syndrome. She has had multiple treatments and used multiple eye drops without much relief. Dr. Wellish kindly referred her to me for a specialty contact lens evaluation last year to see if anything could be done to help with the dry spots on her eye.

We fit her into Latitude custom scleral lenses and here is her current regimen: In the morning she cleans her eyelids and inserts her Restasis eye drops. Next, she rinses off her scleral lens with preservative free saline, and fills the bowl of the lens with autologous serum tears and preservative free saline. During the day, if her eyes feel dry, she uses Refresh Optive throughout the day. At night, she removes her scleral lens, cleans her eyelids, then applies her Restasis drops. She uses her Bruder mask every night to keep her meibomian glands healthy.

On days that she does not wear her scleral lenses, she uses her autologous serum tears three times per day, along with Celluvisc and other preservative free eye drops to help manage her dry eye.

I am happy to report her eyes are much healthier now, and all of the dry spots on her cornea are resolved. She is doing great, and we will see her again in 3 months to check on the contact lenses and her dry eye. We are also having her try Regener-Eyes stem cell drops because of how great she responded to the autologous serum. I also recommended Tangible Boost so that she can re-coat her scleral lenses every month to help with dryness. Lastly, she is going to try mascara from Eyes are the Story, to see if her eyes respond better to a makeup that's created for dry eye patients.

She will also continue to see Dr. Wellish as directed for her dry eye management and annual exams.

Helping dry eye patients is so fun!

Financial disclosure: I have no financial interest in any of the companies mentioned in this case report

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