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Glaucoma patient with extreme dry eyes


A very nice patient with an incredibly long history was referred to us for a specialty contact lens consultation. About 5 years ago she noticed her vision was declining, and ended up being diagnosed with glaucoma. She also developed visually significant cataracts, which were removed. She's also developed severe dry eyes over the past few years, which are very bothersome. Dr. Saboori also performed glaucoma surgery in each eye to help with her eye pressure and rapidly progressive glaucoma.

She has hand motion in the left eye due to glaucoma. She saw 20/400 with the right eye today, and she states that her vision is very poor. She states that she has a very small window of vision in the morning and then it rapidly declines over the day. Her eyes are very painful, red, and she is very sensitive to light. She is constantly using artificial tears, gels, serum tears, and other lubricating drops with little relief.

After evaluating her ocular surface and reviewing her entire history, I felt the best approach was an EyePrint Prosthetic. A traditional scleral lens will not work due to the large blebs in each eye. We took 4 different impressions within the office, and she tolerated the procedure well. I will work with the EyePrint team to help design her custom device. I am really hoping this works well for her- even if she is a little more comfortable throughout the day, I think that would be worth it for her.

Stay tuned for updates!

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