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Radial keratotomy patient has drastic vision improvement with scleral lenses


We had the pleasure of seeing one of our patients back for a scleral lens fitting today!

We had previously seen this patient in July of this year. He was kindly referred by Dr. Stafeeva for a specialty contact lens consultation. He had radial keratotomy surgery (RK surgery) many years ago, which has distorted his vision over time. Radial keratotomy surgery was a procedure done in the 1980's and 1990's to help patients eliminate their need for glasses. It was a type of refractive surgery performed where a small scalpel was used to make tiny incisions onto the front part of the eye, called the cornea. The small incisions re-shape the eye, which corrects your vision and eliminates the need for glasses. RK was replaced by safer procedures such as LASIK and PRK. RK is not performed in the United States anymore.

Many patients who've undergone the RK procedure notice problems with their vision. Some of these problems include problems with glare, ghosting, double vision, fluctuating vision, and an overall decrease with vision.

With glasses, this patient can see 20/50 in the right eye and 20/100 in the left eye, and also reports ghosting and double vision in each eye.

We fit this patient into the Ampleye scleral lens to see what kind of vision we could achieve. With the scleral lenses, he was able to achieve 20/25 vision in the right eye and 20/40-2 vision in the left eye. Scleral lenses are filled with a preservative free saline solution, which reshapes the way light enters into the eye, providing much better vision. He also noticed that his double vision and ghosting was much improved with the scleral lenses.

There was a bit of excessive clearance in each eye, which will be adjusted when we order his lenses. He does also have excessive compression on the left eye, which will also be adjusted when we design and order the lenses.

Looking forward to seeing how this patient does at his dispense! Thanks again Dr. Stafeeva for trusting us with this special patient!

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