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Patient With Radial Keratotomy Finds Improvement In Vision With Scleral Lenses

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A very nice 79 year old male presented to our office last week from a referral from his ophthalmologist. He has a history of glaucoma, radial keratotomy (RK) surgery, and cataract surgery. He also has a trabeculectomy on the left eye (a surgery performed on patients with severe glaucoma).

His left eye is blind from glaucoma, so he only uses his right eye to see.

With his glasses, he is able to achieve 20/70 vision, but complains that he sees double and he sees shadows. We decided to use the sMap 3 D scleral profilimeter to fit him into a custom scleral lens called the Latitude scleral lens.

We tried a diagnostic scleral lens on to see if an improvement in his vision was possible. With the lens, he could achieve 20/30 vision and stated that the ghosting and double vision is gone!

We ordered the Latitude scleral lens and once it arrives, we will schedule him in office for a contact lens dispense. We are very excited to see if this specialty contact lens will improve his vision and help him see better!

Since he only has one eye, it will be very important for him to properly clean and disinfect the contact lens every day. Since he only has one eye left for vision, we must ensure proper wearing time and lens care to minimize the risk of eye infections due to contact lenses.

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