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Keratoconus patient with scar tissue achieves 20/40 vision!


We had a very pleasant patient with keratoconus kindly referred to our office for a specialty contact lens consultation.

He's had keratoconus for years, and over time, he has developed corneal scars in both eyes. The right eye scar is much more dense and central than the left eye. Due to the limited vision potential (20/150) in the right eye, Dr. Debry recommended a corneal transplant for the right eye and a specialty contact lens for the left eye.

The left eye also has some scar tissue centrally, but we decided to try a diagnostic scleral lens in office to see what the potential vision could be. He sees 20/80 with his glasses in the left eye. With a diagnostic Europa lens, he achieved 20/40 vision, even with the corneal scar!

We decided to design a Latitude scleral lens for him, to account for some of the scleral irregularities that you see in the photos.

We will see him next week for his dispense. He is getting his corneal transplant with Dr. Debry early next week and then he will see us later in the week for his scleral lens dispense. Thanks Dr. Debry for trusting us with this patient! We love helping keratoconus patients see better!

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