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Keratoconus patient goes from 20/100 to 20/40 to 20/25+ in just a few weeks!


39 year old hispanic male was referred for dry eye in his right eye. He has a history of keratoconus in both eyes. He had corneal crosslinking performed in the right eye only. He has punctal plugs and uses preservative free artificial tears every hour with mild improvement. His current glasses are about 4 years old and his vision is 20/100 right eye and 20/200 left eye. His slit lamp findings showed thin tear meniscus and meibomian gland dysfunction in both eyes. His right eye had a central corneal scar with adjacent thinning inferior central and a nasal pterygium with about 2mm encroachment. The left eye had corneal striae and a temporal corneal scar. Due to his irregular corneal shape and large pterygium, we recommended an EyePrint Prosthetic.

At his dispense, he was able to achieve 20/40 vision in the right eye. The lens was fitting great with no compression over the pterygium. After about a month of wear with some time to adapt to the lens, his vision improved to 20/25+ in the right eye, even with the central corneal scar! In addition to the improvement of his vision, he was comfortable wearing the lens for 16 hours a day.

Corneal scarring can limit the vision potential in keratoconus patients, but we are very excited that he was able to improve to 20/25 in just a few weeks after wearing his new lens! He is thrilled, and we are so happy for him!

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